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University Transfer

Transfer Services provides a student with information and assistance to ensure that transfer to a four-year institution goes seamlessly.  Certified Advisors will help with ensuring that earned credit hours at St. Philip’s College (SPC) transfer to the college or university of choice. Make an appointment to speak your assigned Certified Advisor about Transfer!

Transfer Agreements

Students have the opportunity while earning an Associate’s degree at SPC, to connect with Universities they are interested in.  Students should do this by the completion of 30 college level hours. Transfer Agreements, or Memorandums of Understanding (MOU's), are in place with all five Alamo Colleges and listed Universities. These MOU's establish an agreement with the university of your choice so that the courses you take at St. Philip's College transfer seamlessly. Every year, many universities can change their degree plans and major requirements, therefore, changing courses required, which can impact courses already taken by a student pursuing that degree. However, an MOU can secure a students' catalog year for 5 years, as long as the student does not have extended terminations of enrollment at SPC. By declaring an Intent to Transfer to a university with which there is an MOU, you will have the advantage of that university honoring the courses outlined in the MOU agreement. In addition, since each university has different course requirements, our MOU's will help to ensure that you have completed all of the prerequisites required at the university that you transfer to. This can save you time and money! For more information on the current MOU's in place, please explore your options below, and start your university transfer NOW!

Partnering Institutions

Alamo Colleges Transfer

Transfer Compact Partners

Alamo Colleges partners with Universities in the South and Central Texas Transfer Compact.  This further bolsters our opportunity to provide our students with the best option(s) for continuing to build an academic pathway to higher learning.  Partnering Institutions include:

Transfer Advising Guides

Transfer Advising Guides (TAG’s) show the University’s Degree Plan and which courses Alamo Colleges District offers.  They also provide valuable information about special requirements or considerations for Transfer (e.g., minimal grade requirements for specific courses, prerequisites, and when it is the optimal time to transfer, etc.).  TAG’s can be researched:

Transfer Advising Guide

See your College’s eCatalog for a listing of all Degrees and Certificates.

Contact Information

Advisor Team Lead:
Cathy Vega
MLK Welcome Center (WEC), 101