Center of Excellence for Science

About the Center of Excellence for Science

The Center of Excellence for Science shares a 45,000 square facility with the Center of Excellence for Mathematics at the Southwest Campus of St. Philip’s College.  The facility is a learning center offering both formal and informal STEM education to its college students, educators, and community.  During the fall and spring semesters, community outreach events are held and the facility provides courses in Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Applied Sciences.  In the summer semesters, STEM outreach and professional development programs are offered.  Funded student research opportunities are available year-round as well as student instructional assistantships for outreach initiatives to the community.                   

Opportunities for College Students

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Student Research Opportunities

Apply for funded research assistantships from the National Science Foundation (CIMA) or the Dept. of Education (HBCU) grants.  Conduct educational or scientific research with the Science Center.  Research is conducted year-round.  Projects are structured to fit your schedule, interest, and aptitude.

Student Assistants

Apply for stipends to serve and engage our community through STEM outreach programs and initiatives.  Opportunities exist year-round and can range from single-day events to 3-week programs.


Extended (XR) Reality Initiative

Join us as SPC faculty and students work together to use Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in our classrooms.  Be a student voice as we work together to introduce new technology – VR headsets, 360 cameras, 3D imaging devices and more – into the teaching and learning experience.

Alternative Energy Project Assistant

Apply to assist with the electric/alternative energy vehicle initiative and student club activities. Students will communicate activities, goals, and deadlines to members while serving as a student liaison and spokesperson for the club.

Contact Craig Overmiller to learn more at (210) 486-7068 or

Community Outreach

Spring Event

022423 Science Extravaganza-350x250.jpg

Science Extravaganza

February 23, 2024 - A day to celebrate and promote STEM where high school and college teams exhibit their projects and encourage 5th graders to attend college. These participants will engage in hands-on activities and select the top three projects as a part of the Kid’s Choice Awards.

Summer Programs


Science and Math Summer Academy (SAMSA)

June 10 – June 27, 2024 - SAMSA is a 3-week academic program designed to stimulate and encourage 11 – 15-year-olds.  The program encourages informal learning through weekly field trips; fosters team-building skills using small group activities; and provides opportunities to meet and interact with local minorities and females currently working in the STEM profession by offering daily “Lunch and Learn” sessions.

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Fall Programs

CORE 4 STEM Family Day

November - St. Philip’s College collaborates with the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SAHCC) to encourage middle school children and their families to pursue post-secondary education in a STEM career field.  The event is held on a Saturday determined by SAHCC.

This initiative is on hold due to the pandemic.  The website will be updated when the situation changes.

STEM Symposium

TBA - The STEM Symposium brings together college students and representatives from industry, academic, government and community organizations.  Local STEM programs and initiatives are discussed as a means of promoting engagement and collaborations.

To learn more about STEM opportunities with the Center of Excellence for Science, please contact us. Visit the Academic Centers to learn more about opportunities at St. Philip’s College. 

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Contact Information

Jo Dee Duncan-Mosier, Ph.D.
SWC Industrial Technology Center (ITC) (Building 1), Room C-153E


Administrative Assistant:
Stacie Coy-Mahula
SWC Industrial Technology Center (ITC) (Building 1), Room C-153A

Academic Program Specialist:
Katherine De Leon Morua
SWC Industrial Technology Center (ITC) (Building 1), Room C-153H