Eastside Community Garden

The SPC Eastside Community Garden is a civic engagement project focused on educating students and the community on urban gardening that started in Fall 2015 located at 1715 N. Center St. (near the 500 block of N. Walters St.).

Garden Work Days

Student volunteers participate on work days to enhance the community garden. Emphasis will be placed on increasing the growing capacity and variety of edible produce grown in the garden as well as improving existing infrastructure to improve utilization of the resources available.

Students that participate in the work days provide the work necessary to see the benefit of the food produced by this garden. They worked in the garden alongside the community gardeners and master gardeners to learn how to plant each type of vegetable seedling, how to plant seeds, how to compost, how to mulch, how and when to water, and so much more.

Active Students

The community garden demonstrates superb collaboration among faculty of several disciplines.

  • General biology students,
  • nutrition students,
  • electronics students,
  • anatomy students
  • and chemistry students

Culinary, math, allied health, construction, sociology and nursing faculty have already expressed the desire to participate. Service Learning has been deeply involved from the very beginning.

What You Will Learn

The project emphasizes knowledge on various methods for growing plants and will soon grow to include hydroponics and aquaponics. The Natural Sciences Department recently acquired a Plant growth chamber which will allow propagation of seeds. The students will be able to see a variety of ways to grow foods from the seed to the harvest stage.


The garden has several community partners, including Green Spaces Alliance, Antioch Baptist Church (which owns the land), the Center for Excellence in Science and the neighborhood gardeners. The interaction between students and the various partners is beneficial, especially the wisdom shared by the older gardeners with our students.

Grant Funding

Grant funding will provide materials for additional raised beds, to include the timbers, soil, mulch and installation of a drip irrigation system. Funds would also be used to provide water and light refreshments to the students on Garden Work Days.