Byrd Sanctuary - The Natural Sciences Tutoring Lab

The Natural Sciences Tutoring Lab, affectionately named The Byrd Sanctuary in honor of the late and former Natural Science Department Chair Dr. Lanier E. Byrd, provides support to St. Philip's College students to promote academic and personal growth in the Natural Sciences, as well as to develop an appreciation for learning and life-long success.

"The Byrd" is a free-tutoring lab available exclusively to students enrolled in SPC Natural Science courses to utilize throughout the entire academic year in order to succeed in their studies in the Natural Science Department and the various disciplines that the department serves.  The Byrd delivers essential tutoring services to students in a motivational and stimulating environment in an effort to inspire the academic interest and success of the individual student in the Natural Sciences courses.  The Byrd is maintained by a dedicated staff of knowledgeable professionals with degrees in the various subject areas, is supported by the Faculty in the Natural Science department and offers peer tutoring services from current St. Philip's students.  Additionally, The Byrd is well equipped with the materials and study resources that are essential for student success.

Welcome Students!


Welcome to St. Philip's College and The Natural Sciences Department. We look forward to supporting you in achieving your academic and career goals. Have a Wonderful Year! Cheers To Your Individual Success!

– The Natural Science Department Faculty & Staff

Byrd Canvas Site

Please visit the Byrd Sanctuary Canvas Page for online tutoring help and useful online resources!

When you reach the Canvas page, click on the login icon Canvas Login Icon.png to the left to access.  Log-in with your ACES credentials.

Hours of Operation

Mondays  8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Tuesdays 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Wednesdays  8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Thursdays  8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Fridays CLOSED

SEG Scholarship - Byrd Sanctuary Peer Tutoring

The Natural Science Department and The Byrd Sanctuary are excited to offer the Student Engagement Grant (SEG) Scholarship opportunity for current St. Philip’s College students to provide peer tutoring to fellow students in The Byrd Sanctuary.  By actively engaging with their peers, SEG student tutors are able to utilize and maintain the knowledge and skill sets that they have obtained from their completed Natural Science Courses. Complete details about the SEG Scholarship are outlined in the application.  Applications can be picked up in The Byrd Sanctuary ( SCI 202) and the Natural Sciences Department office (SCI 206).  You may also visit the SEG webpage.

Byrd Sanctuary Student Use Agreement

The Byrd Sanctuary, The Natural Sciences Department and the faculty and staff are committed to supporting students to be successful in their academic endeavors. A significant factor to ensuring the academic success of each student is the individual effort that the student makes themselves to ensure that they are also committed to making the effort to contribute to their personal academic growth and success. As such, expectations of students are detailed below to ensure that the student is successful in their academic courses in the Natural Sciences Department at St. Philip’s College.  All students should read and understand the expectations that are outlined below and discuss with either their instructor or the coordinator of the Byrd Sanctuary if they have any further questions. Students are encouraged to review the student use agreement.

Byrd Sanctuary Student Use Agreement

Useful Information about The Byrd Sanctuary

Courses and Clubs

  • BIOL 2401/2402/2404 - Anatomy & Physiology

    The Byrd is fully equipped with the study resources that St. Philip's College students need in order successfully complete the Anatomy and Physiology courses. The Byrd contains all of the models that the student will utilize in the AP lab course series.

    Instructor Resources

    The Natural Science Faculty believes in supporting student success by providing study resources that enable students to adequately prepare for Lecture and Lab exams.

    Dr. Roger Biduaka

    BIOL 2401 Unit and Final Exam Study Guides

    BIOL 2402 Unit and Final Exam Study Guides

  • Chemistry 2323/2325 - Organic Chemistry I/II

    The Byrd Sanctuary has many Organic Chemistry model sets and several textbooks to assist students in visualizing the concepts and structures that will be explored.

  • The Eureka Science Club is an organization that promotes Science at St. Philip's College and to become a forum for the underrepresented science community on campus.

    Eureka Science Club

    How do I become a member of Eureka?

    To become a member of the Science Club is very easy.

    1. You must be a Science Nerd!
    2. Email us at
    3. Pay your dues
    4. You are now a member. Congratulations and Welcome!

    To remain a member in good standing (i.e. be able to list it on your resume, you must attend 75% of all meetings/activities for the year).

    Eureka Science Club Sponsor:

    Lourdes Alba
    Location: William C. Davis Science Building Room 311
    Phone: 210-486-2705

Contact Information

Academic Program Coordinator:
Rosalie Herber
William C. Davis Science Building (SCI), 202