The Math Emporium

Working through the courses in the AAS, AA or certificate programs it is likely that you will encounter many different types of mathematics, from your typical math courses found on any college campus, to electrical theory and formulas, blueprint interpretation, scaling materials or supplies, or calculating conversions between different measurement systems.

The Math Emporium is St Philip’s College Southwest Campus’ open learning lab for mathematics and we can help you get through it and understand it all.

Hours of operation

Fall 2018: TWR 10am - 8pm, S 8am – 1pm, with the lab typically closed on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays.

Math Bridge

The Math Bridge program is housed in St. Philip's Southwest Campus’ mathematics lab, The Math Emporium, and is strategically located to provide support to students taking Applied Science Degrees and Trade Certifications. 

Working with the Applied Science Division, the Mathematics department has created a unique experience for students registered in many of the AAS and Certificate programs at St Philip’s College Southwest Campus – and that is the Math Bridge Program!

The Math Bridge’s mission is that all Math Bridge students will master mathematical skills necessary for real world use in their program of study, gaining confidence and trust in their own skills and abilities to deal with mathematics encountered in their courses.

Tutoring and assistance in the program is available MWR from 10am - 8pm, and Fridays from 8am - 1pm. Skills covered include working with properties of whole numbers, real numbers, fractions, decimals, measurement, ratios, percentages, solving equations, graphing, geometric concepts, trigonometry, word problems, problem solving, and application problems, as well as general assistance with study skills, organization and time management.

General tutoring is also available for students in all developmental MATH courses, as well as MATH 1332, 1314, 1414, 1350 and 1351.

Contact Information

Paula Englebert
SWC Multi-Disciplinary Instructional Center (Bldg. 3), Room 114