In-person tutoring has been suspended due to the campus moving fully online.

You can access Virtual MathWorld by clicking on the ‘Virtual MathWorld’ link within your current math Canvas course.  Here you will find the question and answer discussion boards as well as videos and notes on your math topics.  You will also find our current schedule of Zoom tutoring drop-in sessions.

Alternatively, you can visit the Canvas site directly by visiting this web address:

If presented with a blank page, you must log in with your ACES credentials and visit the above address once again.


About MathWorld

MathWorld is St. Philip’s College premier math tutoring lab on the MLK campus. Our mission is to assist St. Philip’s college math students, dual credit students, ECH students, and online students through their math journey.  When students visit MathWorld, the instructors will help the students to understand math concepts while building confidence in math skills that will carry into the real world.

Tutoring is available for St. Philip's students in developmental MATH courses, as well as MATH 1314, 1332, 1350, 1351, 1414, 1442, 2412 and 2413.

Attend a math lab full of instructors named Bob?

As you progress through your math classes, you may encounter roadblocks and closed doors. Not to worry! YOUR Bob can open those doors and remove those roadblocks, allowing you to UNDERSTAND your math work.  Every instructor in MathWorld has at least a bachelor’s degree in a math-related field and they are in the math passin’ business!  Come find your Bob in MathWorld!

You and your Bob can pass that math class!

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Contact Information

Academic Program Coordinator:
Pete Perez
MLK Davis Science Building (SCI), 101