Kids' Academy


For more than 25 years, St. Philip’s College has been home to youths who need a safe and enjoyable space to learn, have fun, and socialize. Kids will have wonderful experiences building new relationships while learning and exploring with weekly activities. St. Philip’s College’s Kids’ Academy will provide an environment where youths feel welcome and where parents can trust them within our care.


The nine-week Kids’ Academy will be hosted from June 3rd to August 2nd, 2024, at St. Philip’s College for youths 4-13 years old.

Students will participate in weekly field trips, and we will bridge learning gaps that sometimes occur during summer months using our MicroSociety curriculum. See the MicroSociety Link for more information about this curriculum.

Our Kids’ Academy accepts enrollment from members of the community and those who attend or work at St. Philip’s College.

Drop-off time begins as early as 7 a.m. with free breakfast provided from 7:30 a.m. to 7:55 a.m. Kids will begin classes/activities at 8 a.m., participate in free lunch, and continue their day until 5 p.m. All kids’ must be picked up at the end of the day with some allowances for travel time after 5 p.m. More information will be discussed during enrollment.

Our Kids’ Academy youths will learn social skills and have the opportunity to participate in theme week lessons where they will learn academics, gardening, music, chess, art/painting, and more. Swimming lessons will also be optional for an additional fee.

Click on the Enrollment Interest Form button below to complete the initial enrollment form for ages 4-13 years old to be contacted regarding registration and payment.

The Kids' Academy will utilize the MicroSociety curriculum framework which boasts an outstanding learning environment that stimulates each child’s creative and critical thinking skills. Would you like your child to be more prepared for the upcoming school year? Bridge the summer gap with these academic builders and enrichment class offerings.

What is MicroSociety?

In a world that demands preparation to add value with increasing complexity, MicroSociety students have years of experience solving real-world problems, thinking critically, collaborating in diverse teams, and connecting subject matter and experiences in ways that foster creativity. From the time, they enter the building, they are citizens aiming to achieve sustainable change in their world and ours. Graduates are more than college and career-ready, they are innovation-ready, equipped to take on global challenges, and what’s more, they are intrinsically motivated to learn new knowledge and skills and to create new jobs when existing careers disappear.

To learn more about MicroSociety, please visit the website

What do you need to know?

  • Students elect a Mayor, Vice Mayor, and City Council to establish and achieve goals for the growth and betterment of St. Philip’s City.
  • The Kids' Academy costs $140.00/week/child with a one-time $20.00 registration fee per child. There are no second-child discounts.
  • The Kids' Academy does not hold a space for your students without registration. The only way to secure space is to register as early as you can.
  • We cannot transfer the payment from one week to another.
  • An email request for reimbursement is required; you will still need to register for the correct week. [See the Kids' Academy Calendar with the cut-off dates for reimbursement requests.]
  • If registering multiple students, please complete all registrations for one student at a time.
  • Please fill out all forms completely and pay close attention to the student’s information: last name and first name.
  • Do not use "same" or "on file" for any area on the form
  • Once a student age group is filled, the registration system will not accept additional registrations. Once a week is full, the cap will state on the website, “Sorry, this week is full.”

Exemption Approval Form

Kids’ Academy Registration for
4-13 Years Old

Registration for KIDS' Academy is now open!

Enrollment Interest Form Registration Payment

(Must complete the interest form for the first time of registration per child)

Kids' Academy Calendar & Supply List

See what we have planned for the summer.

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Contact Information

Dean for Academic Success:
Dr. Kimberley Irving-Conaway
MLK Center for Learning Resources, (CLR), 302
Continuing Education Specialist:
Vivian Crenshaw-Jones
MLK Center for Learning Resources, (CLR), 315
Administrative Assistant, Kids' Academy:
Rachel Armendariz