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HP FOWA Competition 

Faculty members Caroline Mora and Dr. Robert Jones prepared students for who competed in the HP FOWA Competition. Students prepared for events and were mentored on Career challenge strategies, resume building, presentation strategies for teams.

Event Team Challenge participants:

2nd Place - Gabriela L. Garcia, Izaiah V. Medina, Miguel A. Villagomez, Candido R. Vizzuett, Ellie Renee Castillo 

Upskilling Challenge:

2nd Place - Isaiah Lopez 

Cybersecurity Education Conference

St. Philip’s College Cybersecurity Education Conference is a bienneial forum for connecting with industry, government and academic entities to increase the awareness of cybersecurity in the state of Texas and around the world. The most recent conference took place on March 8, 2018.

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Cybersecurity Center

Haydar Thomas Sahin
Senior Advisor: 
Laura De La Rosa                                         

MLK Saint Bowden Building (SAB), 110