St. Philip’s College Student Selected to participate in NASA Virtual Experience

November 17, 2023

SPC Marketing & Strategic Communications

111523 Eric Meyer-3.jpg

St. Philip’s College student Eric Meyer has been selected by the NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars (NCAS) to attend the NCAS Mission 2: Exploration Simulation, October 19 – 26, 2023.  

Meyer’s successful completion of a five-week online NCAS course earned him a spot to participate in the online Mission 2: Exploration Simulation. Meyer is one of hundreds of college students from across the country to participate in the virtual experience.  

Selected college students learn more about NASA’s missions and careers in science and engineering throughout the virtual experience. Students form teams and design a mission to explore the Moon or Mars. Each student team joins a design team, fulfills a team role, manages a budget, and develops communication and outreach strategies.

Students also attend events hosted by NASA subject matter experts, receive information on how to apply for NASA internships, and virtually tour NASA’s unique facilities during the event.  

"Ever since I was a child, I've gazed at the stars and dreamed of exploring the limitless possibilities of space," said Meyer. "Working alongside NASA is a dream come true and a testament to the boundless opportunities for aspiring scientists like me. Learning from the best minds in the field is a significant milestone on my journey to realize my lifelong ambition of becoming a data scientist at NASA. I'm incredibly grateful for this opportunity to turn my passion into a career and contribute to the future of space exploration."  

With this activity, NASA continues the tradition of engaging the nation in its mission of human exploration and sustainable expansion across the solar system and bringing new knowledge and opportunities back to Earth.  


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