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Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)

The landscape of Palo Alto College has changed considerably over the years with upgrades and construction of new facilities. With the support of the community, these state-of-the-art spaces enhance the learning experience and support the future success of our students. Navigate within the projects menu below to learn more!

Current Projects

Upcoming Bond Projects:

Rio Grande Building

The Rio Grande will serve as a joint purpose dedicated to promoting collaborative learning and interactive instruction in advance manufacturing and public service. Courses that will be taught include Advance Manufacturing, Criminal Justice,  Dental Hygiene and Student Services. Palo Alto College’s Rio Grande Building will serve 804 manufacturing students over five years, providing 271,232 contact hours in advanced manufacturing education.

Also located in the Rio Grande Building will be the New Student Engagement & Welcome Center which will provide visitors, students, and faculty with a primary entry point to the campus. Various student support services will be housed within this building and will serve as a one-stop location for new students.

Architect: RVK Architects

Contractor: Bartlett Cocke General Contractors

Building Square Footage: 128,000 (approx.)

Estimate to Complete: $59.7M

Classrooms: Advanced Manufacturing Center and Labs; Student Engagement & Welcome Center; Healthcare Center of Excellence; Dental Clinic for community use; health clinic; el museo/event space, Cybersecurity Lab; Science Labs; Simulated Courtroom; STEM Makers Space, instructional spaces/labs

Labs: Geology, Physics, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Technical

Construction Start Date: November 2020

Target Completion: November 2022; Full Opening Spring 2023

PAC Rio Grande Building Renderings

PAC Rio Grand Progress Report

Drone Footage

Live footage of the Rio Grande Building
Natatorium and Gym Improvements

The Natatorium at Palo Alto College was first opened in 1991. This project aims to accomplish the repairs and maintenance of the building to provide a natatorium that accommodates students’ and visitors’ needs as effectively as possible.

The renovation of the gymnasium will ensure that the facilities within the fitness center stay up-to-date with emerging needs of patrons to maintain the commitment to help students, faculty, and staff achieve healthy fitness goals.


Architect: RVK Architects/Lopez Salas Architects

Contractor: Bartlett Cocke General Contractors

Building Square Footage: 90,334 (approx.)

Estimate to Complete: $19.8M

Building Upgrades:

New Exterior finishes; roof profile and panels; LED lighting; fire sprinkler system; interior finishes; and tile at pool surface area

Upgrade Dressing rooms, showers and restrooms

Refurbish diving platforms

5.3 million provided in partnership with City of San Antonio

Southside Education and Training Center (SETC)

The Southside Education and Training Center (SETC) is planned in collaboration with Southside ISD to utilize existing land on the Southside ISD campus property. The goal of the project is to build the SETC facility to meet accreditation standards that would allow students the opportunity to earn both academic and workforce education degrees and certificated utilizing the collective instructional resources of Palo Alto College.

The SETC is part of the Alamo Colleges District Higher Education Regional Campus network, designed to increase access to higher education services for residents of underserved rural and high-needs sectors of Bexar County.

Architect: Lake Flato Architects

Contractor: Byrne Construction Service

Building Square Footage: 47,071 (approx.)

Estimate to Complete: $23M

Building Components: Biblotech/Welcome center, training rooms, robotics, multipurpose room, AMT, Allied Health faculty/staff office; Nursing spaces, computer labs, classrooms, skills/simulation labs, faculty office, conference room

Construction Start Date: February 2021

Target Completion: November 2022

SETC Buildng Renderings

SETC Progress Report

Physical Plant
PAC’S physical plants improvement project, designed to provide additional capacity for the growing campus, includes an addition to the existing Physical Plant, as well as the addition of a 500 ton water-cooled centrifugal chiller, a 500 ton/3,000 GPM cooling tower and the associated pumps, variable frequency drives, piping and electrical service necessary for their operation.

Architect: Rehler Vaughn & Koone

Contractor: Bartlett Cocke General Contractors, LLC

Building Square Footage: Expansion: 2,905sf, Total Building 5,023 sf.

Construction Start Date: December 2020

Targeted Completion: Spring 2022

Physical Plant Buildng Rendering

PAC Physical Plant Progress Report

Non-Bond Funded Projects

Outdoor Classroom/Amphitheater

Centrally located in the heart of the Palo Alto College campus, the new amphitheater/outdoor learning classroom will provide an inclusive learning space for academic activities. The reimagined outdoor learning environment will promote the arts with the inclusion of five sculptural pads where students will have the opportunity to have their art on display. Additionally, the space will be utilized to host choir, jazz concerts, and outdoor theater performances.

Architect: RVK

Contractor: Alpha

Estimate to complete: $916k

Outdoor Classroom/Amphitheater Renderings

Outdoor Classroom/Amphitheater Progress Report


Vineyard and Hops Yard

Palo Alto College has constructed a vineyard to support its new Viticulture and Enology program. The vineyard will provide students with a unique hands on learning experience and an opportunity to explore the process of wine-making in a controlled environment.

Completed May 2022

PAC Vineyard and Hops Yard Progress Report




Jennifer Mejia
Director of College Services

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