Landscape and Horticulture

Program Level: Degrees, Certificates
Department: Agricultural Sciences
Institute: Science & Technology
College: PAC

What is the landscape and horticulture program?

At Palo Alto College, the landscape and horticulture program includes various areas such as landscape design, plant cultivation, garden center management, floral design, and more. Landscape and Horticulture is a growing industry, with local job growth projected at 30% over the next five years. In Texas, Landscape and Horticulture is the second-largest industry and offers various career opportunities. Consumers spend over $38 billion yearly on professional landscaping and lawn and tree care services.

  • Landscape employment is expected to grow 8% from 2020 to 2030 (US Bureau of Labor)
  • There will be 173,200 + new job openings for landscapers in 2023 (US Bureau of Labor)
  • 67% of adults are currently growing edible plants or planning to (Forbes 2/3/2022)

Palo Alto College is the only community college to offer a Landscape and Horticulture Program in the San Antonio area and one of a handful of colleges and universities in South Texas. 

This program is fully accredited by the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

Our Classroom is Your Backyard

Today’s industry requires people like you. With shrinking college horticulture programs and a decline in qualified applicants for industry job opportunities, only 61% of the annual job openings in the U.S. are likely to be filled. Our curriculum allows you to plan your future based on your interests and career goals. The combination of our curriculum, faculty expertise and instruction, and industry partnerships prepares you for a bright and fruitful career.

Landscape and Horticulture Program Highlights

  • Emphasis is placed on the commercial application of skills learned in the program
  • Employment for graduating students of this program may be available in landscaping businesses (independent and corporate), residential complexes (apartment and residential organizations), parks and recreational facilities.

Landscape and Horticulture Career Areas & Employment Positions

  • Landscape Installation and Maintenance - Pesticide Application Technician, Landscape Designer
  • Tree Care - Tree Care Crew Leader, Certified Arborist
  • Irrigation System Installation and Maintenance - Licensed Irrigator and Irrigation Installer
  • Interiorscape Maintenance and Management in Wholesale and Retail Nurseries - Retail Nursery Merchandiser
  • Recreational Facilities - Groundskeeper, Irrigation Technician, Landscape and Lawn Maintenance Foreman

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Connect with our industry partners.
Landscape Industry Partners

A core part of the horticulture-based programs at Palo Alto College is the Horticultural Sciences major. Horticultural Sciences is a carefully crafted degree program designed to provide students with the skills and experiences they need to be successful in their own companies or to add value to teams as part of existing businesses. We value all of our industry partners.

Industry Partners

VOLT® Lighting has donated a number of LED lighting fixtures to the Life Science Greenhouse hydroponic learning lab for student project use and yield trials. VOLT® is a lighting company marketing landscape lighting.
The equipment VOLT® donated will help students to gain hands-on industry-relevant experience, and better prepare them for careers in this exciting field.



Joseph Coppola
Department Chair


Yessica Labay
Interim Faculty Program Lead

San Marcos Hall (SANMAR 107 A) 


Richard De La Garza

Sabine Hall (SABINE 106)




Savannah Santos
Lab Technician