Viticulture and Enology

Program Type: Face-to-Face
Program Level: Degrees
Department: Agricultural Sciences
Institute: Science & Technology
College: PAC


What is viticulture and enology?

Viticulture is the science that deals with grape growing, and enology is the process of making wine. In Texas, there are approximately 4,400 bearing acres of grapes, including over 50 wine grape cultivars. The specialization in Viticulture will emphasize the skills needed for students seeking employment at vineyards working in the high-demand Texas wine industry. The program features:

  • Unique Curriculum
  • Experienced Faculty Members
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Dedicated Program Advisory Committee Members
  • Guest Lecturers

Viticulture and Enology Program Highlights

Palo Alto College is the only community college to offer a Viticulture and Enology Program in the San Antonio area and one of a handful of colleges and universities in Texas. The curriculum will cover agricultural science basics such as plant biology, soil science, food science, and pest management. Students will learn about various grapes and wines worldwide, food safety and packaging, and marketing and business management. Students completing the program will have a thorough scientific understanding of the wine-making process, a very hands-on experience with lab analyses, and will get exposure to winery equipment and operations, including behind-the-scenes tours of local wineries.



Our Vineyard, Your Future

Tomorrow’s future is seeking educated leaders to help the thriving viticulture industry in Texas. Texas is among the top five wine-producing states, with more than 520 wineries and more than 4,500 acres of vineyards. Each year, the wine and grape industry provides the state with $13.1 billion in economic value. It also creates more than 104,000 full-time jobs, accounting for $4.3 billion in yearly wages. Our curriculum allows you to learn high-demand skills and seek immediate job opportunities. The combination of our curriculum, faculty expertise, and plentiful opportunities prepares you for a bright and fruitful career.


Viticulture and Enology Career Areas & Employment Positions

Students in the Viticulture and Enology program can use the foundational skills learned to pursue careers as a Lab Technician; Cellar Worker; Wine Critic; Wine Consultant; Vineyard Leader; or Vineyard Manager.


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Joseph Coppola
Department Chair


Rose Flores
Lead Instructor

San Marcos Hall (SANMAR 107A)


Richard De La Garza

Sabine Hall (SABINE 106)