Program Level: Degrees, Pre-Majors/Transfer
Department: Fine & Performing Arts/Speech Communication
Institute: Creative & Communication Arts
College: PAC

What is the dance program?

The Dance program at Palo Alto College offers a range of classes from recreational dance for non-majors to serious training for those who are pursuing a career in the dance field. Each year, students train and learn from regional, national, and international dance artists through the Guest Artist Series. Students are given an opportunity to present dance choreography in our annual spring concert series, "DANZA", and are encouraged to perform in the annual musical with Teatro Palo Alto.

The program supports the PACDance Performance Group and requires rigorous performance and rehearsal training. PACDance Performance Group has attended the American College Dance Festival (ACDFA) and recently, the Texas Dance Improvisation Festival (TDIF).

Dance opens a window into a better understanding of the human condition. Pursuing a degree in the arts provides many opportunities for students. Dance is a far-reaching arts practice and can lead to career opportunities in concert dance, education, choreography, film, theatre production, scenography, and somatic practices.

Teatro Palo Alto

Teatro Palo Alto is the producing arm of the Palo Alto College drama program. There are four shows per season (two shows in the fall semester and two shows in the spring semester), with one major musical that incorporates dance and music. Teatro Palo Alto strives to create high quality theatre experience for the bilingual, multicultural community in south San Antonio.

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Dance Program Highlights

Dance courses cover basic and foundational elements of dance needed to pursue a degree or professional career in dance. Course topics include Ballet 1-3, Modern 1-3, Jazz 1-3, Composition, Improvisation, Dance Appreciation, World Dance, Dance Practicum 1-4.  Students can earn an Associate of Arts Degree with an emphasis in Dance. The skills learned will carry students in to any four-year dance program and a multitude of careers.

Dance Career Highlights and Employment Positions

Graduates from the Dance program may find employment with dance companies, university dance departments, professional performing arts organizations, dance studios, public schools, talent agencies, and community centers. Dance majors may go on to become body work practitioners, dance movement therapists, movement analysts, physical therapists, athletic trainers, dance historians, and many other occupations.

Degrees Offered



Hector Garza
Department Chair



Mandy L. Goynes
Lead Instructor of Drama and Dance

Fine and Performing Arts Center (PERF 125)


Amber Ortega-Perez
Instructor of Dance

Fine and Performing Arts Center (PERF 123)