Dual Credit

Our Dual Credit program allows eligible high schools students to earn college credit for certain high school courses. In order for a student to participate, their high school must be approved to offer dual credit courses. Dual Credit students can take courses during the fall and spring semesters only. Students may take courses in the 42-Hour Core Curriculum listing or from the Professional and Technical Education (PTE) programs.

Benefits of Dual Credit
  • Students may earn up to 42 hours of college credit before graduating from high school.
  • Dual Credit increases the likelihood that a student will complete high school, enroll in and complete in college.
  • These programs waive tuition and fees and reduce the overall time and cost to complete a college degree.
  • Graduates can enter the workforce earlier and begin earning wages.
Steps to become a Dual Credit student
  1. Contact your high school counselor regarding dual credit at your campus.
  2. Complete and submit the ApplyTexas application online.
  3. Complete two AlamoENROLL modules: GoFAARR and Test Preparation.
  4. Coordinate with your high school counselor on TSI test dates and testing requirements.
  5. Take the TSI Placement Exams for writing and essay, reading, and math.
  6. Submit a signed Parent Consent Form.
High School Counselor Responsibilities
  1. Schedule Dual Credit Information Sessions with Palo Alto College Dual Credit staff at the high school.
  2. Schedule ApplyTexas application and AlamoENROLL modules completion days.
  3. Communicate TSI Placement Exam and qualifying scores to prospective Dual Credit students.
  4. Schedule students to take the TSI Placement Exam in writing and essay, reading, and math.
  5. Submit the following completed documents to Palo Alto College Dual Credit office:
    • Parent Consent Forms
    • Verification of Eligibility
    • Dual Credit Student Recommendation List with all eligible student information and course recommendations


Contact Information: 

Ozuna Library and Learning Center (OZU 116)


Anna Villarreal
College Coordinator of High School Programs

Southwest ISD

Fernando Acevedo
College Coordinator of High School Programs