Employee Giving

There are many ways to make an impact in the community, especially as employees of Palo Alto College. Now through Oct. 9, join together with your colleagues to provide financial support to our students and community by donating to the Alamo Colleges Foundation’s Employee Giving Campaign. You choose where your donation goes.

Give to one of Palo Alto College's top five funds:

  • PAC Faculty & Staff Memorial Scholarships (630048)
  • PAC General Scholarships (630062)
  • Adult Learning Academy Scholarship (630063)
  • PAC Proud Fund (Unrestricted: 330085)
  • PAC S.H.A.R.E. Emergency Aid Program (330099)

You also have the option of giving to local health and human service organizations connected to the United Way, or to the ArtsFund, which supports local arts and culture organizations.

Give however much you are able to give and, together, we can make a difference.

  1. Before you go online, you will need to know your Banner ID. If you do not know your Banner ID, call Palo Alto College IT at 210-486-3777 or District IT at 210-486-0555 to find out your Banner ID.
  2. You will also need to know the giving codes that will identify the funds and/or United Way partner agencies you desire to donate to.
  3. Go to the United Way online portal
    United Way Portal
  4. Enter your user name: this is your Alamo Colleges District email address (ex: mary@alamo.edu).
  5. Enter your password: enter "GIVE" (in all caps) and the last 4 numbers of your Banner ID (ex: GIVE1234).

Thank you for giving!

Your generous support of this year's Alamo Colleges Employees Giving Back means that deserving students with genuine needs will have access to a life-changing education provided by the Alamo Colleges Foundation Funds. Many important community-based social services will be made possible by United Way of San Antonio and their partner agencies. The fund will support arts and cultural events. These services will touch and transform countless lives in the months and years to come. You make this success possible and we thank you!

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Helena Fischer at hfischer4@alamo.edu.