STEM Center

While the STEM Center is closed, students can still access services at the STEM Center canvas course page.

 The STEM Center serves as a central location for Palo Alto College’s STEM programs, services, and academic support.

The STEM Center at Palo Alto College is funded in part by the SEEDS of Excellence in STEM Project (PR#P031C160167) from the U.S. Department of Education’s Title III, Part F Hispanic-Serving Institutions—Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (HSI STEM) and Articulation Program.

Academic and Student Support Services

Peer Mentoring:

Funded by the Department of Education Title III HSI STEM Grant, the peer mentor program provides academic and student support services. Mentors can assist in one-on-one or group tutoring (supplemental instruction) and can assist with directing students to the correct student support services based on their needs.

During remote teaching and learning, students can request the following from academic peer coaches through the STEM Center canvas course:

  • Tutoring - Tutoring in math and science is available via the STEM Center canvas course or Brainfuse by logging in to ACES.
  • Careers - Students can explore career options with the guidance of peer mentors, and get help to write a resume, fill out job applications, and prepare for interviews or presentations.
  • Internships - Peer mentors can assist students in locating an internship or job shadowing opportunity.
  • Scholarships - Students can get the help they need to apply for the Alamo Colleges Foundation Scholarship application or locating outside scholarships.

Palo Alto College offers a variety of scholarships for students pursuing a degree in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) fields. Students can apply for each of the following scholarships through the Alamo Colleges Foundation scholarship application.

  • CAARE Title V Endowed Scholarship
  • Deason Animal Hospital Scholarship
  • Dennis Gittinger Endowed Scholarship
  • Donald Johnson Memorial Scholarship
  • Douglas and Donna Semmes Success Scholarship
  • Greater Texas Foundation Community College Scholarship Program Endowed
  • Harvey Najim Pathways Scholarship
  • Harvey Najim Pathways (General Scholarship
  • Lylar Endowed Scholarship
  • MOTIVE Program Title V Endowed Scholarship
  • San Antonio Livestock Exposition, Inc (SALE) Scholarship
  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas 2+2 STEM Teacher Scholarship

External scholarships available exclusively to STEM majors:

Workshops and Events

In addition to providing dedicated resources to support students enrolled in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs, the STEM Center promotes the advancement of STEM education by hosting various events throughout the year.

Prominent events include:

  • STEM Week
  • Engineering Day
  • Earth Day
  • CORE 4 STEM Family Day

View our calendar for a full list of upcoming events.


Contact Information: 

Brazos Hall (BRAZOS 100)


Erron Gonzalez
Academic Program Coordinator

Stephanie Ornelas
Administrative Service Specialist