2020 Holiday Video or Image Submission Form

This year, we're inviting Palo Alto College students, faculty, and staff to help us wish everyone a happy holiday season by submitting videos or photos!

We'd love to see your family members in your submission, so be sure to include your kids, grandkids, spouses, pets, and any other loved ones in your household!

Option 1: Submit a video

  1. Practice singing along to this karaoke track of "Home for the Holidays"
  2. Get everyone dressed up in your favorite holiday gear or matching pajamas.
  3. Set up your camera in a place where you can see everyone in the video. Your smartphone or webcam will work great!
  4. Press record on the camera and the karaoke track, and sing along! Be sure to record the entire song.

Option 2: Submit a family photo

  1. Send us a photo of you and your loved ones. It doesn’t have to be a holiday photo, we just want to share the PAC family’s smiling faces.

We’ve extended the deadline, so that you can gather your family this weekend to create your video or snap a photo. Make your submission via the link below by Monday, Dec. 7 at noon!

Submit Now