PAC approved by Texas Board of Nursing for New Associate in Nursing

January 29, 2024

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Palo Alto College is proud to announce the Texas Board of Nursing has officially approved the establishment of Palo Alto College’s new Associate Degree Program in Nursing. This landmark approval positions Palo Alto College as the first public institution to offer a nursing program on the south side of San Antonio.

The Texas Board of Nursing approval underscores Palo Alto College’s dedication to meeting the growing demand for skilled healthcare professionals in the community. 

“The South Side is considered a health care desert. This means that there’s really no access or affordable access to healthcare in the area,” said Robert Garza, president of Palo Alto College. “Now, we’re really excited about our partnership with University Health and the Palo Alto Hospital that will be here on the South Side, but that’s still a few years to come. And so we’re going to start prepping our community right now to get nurses into the hospitals, clinics, and ready to serve our South Side community.” 

The Associate Degree Program in Nursing at Palo Alto College will offer a comprehensive curriculum combining rigorous academic coursework with practical clinical experience. Students will be trained at the South Side Education and Training Center, in state-of-the-art facilities by experienced faculty members who are experts in the field. The program aims to produce competent and compassionate nursing professionals who can contribute significantly to the healthcare landscape in San Antonio and beyond.

The establishment of this nursing program aligns with Palo Alto College’s mission to empower students, promote community development, and enhance the overall well-being of the region. As the first public nursing program on the south side of San Antonio, Palo Alto College is breaking new ground and opening doors of opportunity for aspiring healthcare professionals in the area.

The program will start as early as fall 2024 and begin taking applications in the spring. Prospective students interested in pursuing a career in nursing through Palo Alto College’s Associate Degree Program are encouraged to explore the program details and application process at

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