Teacher Education

Program Type: Face-to-Face
Program Level: Degrees
Department: Behavioral Sciences
Institute: Public Service
College: PAC

What is the teacher education program?

The Associate of Arts in Teaching consists of freshmen and sophomore level courses that are fully transferable to all Texas public universities that lead to Texas teacher certification. In addition, completion of the AAT degree may qualify students for work that requires at least an associate degree.

This program is a THECB-approved Field of Study, which means all coursework completed on the degree plan will fully transfer to satisfy the first two years of a Teacher Education degree at any four-year public college or university in Texas. 

Flexible Courses

Classes are offered on campus as well as online. Admission requirements are flexible to allow you to take courses that can lead to a position in the education field while taking more classes to reach your goal of being a certified teacher. 

Teacher Education Career Areas & Employment Positions

  • Teaching elementary, middle, or high school
  • Daycare provider
  • Curriculum specialist
  • Tutor
  • Educational Consultant 



Dr. John Hernandez
Department Chair

Guadalupe Hall (GUAD 127)


Dr. Amie Deleon
Professor of Education

Medina Hall (MEDINA 113)