Program Level: Degrees, Pre-Majors/Transfer
Department: Fine & Performing Arts/Speech Communication
Institute: Creative & Communication Arts
College: PAC

What is the drama program?

About the program

The Drama program provides an immersive experience into the world of the theatre arts with opportunities for students to perform, design, build, and run theatrical productions.

Theatre opens a window into a better understanding of the human condition. Pursuing a degree in theatre arts provides many opportunities for students. Studying theatre can prepare students for a career in law, teaching, design, film, television, counseling, and many others. Studies have shown that a strong arts education empowers people to be high-performers in various fields of study and career paths. Exposure to theatre increases a person’s creativity levels, ability to collaborate, and critical thinking skills. Additionally, students will learn problem solving and increased motor skills.

Teatro Palo Alto

Teatro Palo Alto is the producing arm of the Palo Alto College drama program. There are four shows per season (two shows in the fall semester and two shows in the spring semester). Teatro Palo Alto strives to create high quality theatre experience for the bilingual, multicultural community in south San Antonio.

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Drama Program Highlights

Drama courses cover topics across areas of theatrical production, including Acting 1-3, Movement for Actors, Stage Makeup, Theatre Practicum 1-4, and Introduction to Design. Students can earn an Associate of Arts with an emphasis in Drama. The skills learned carry students into any four-year theatre program, as well as a multitude of careers.

Drama Career Areas & Employment Positions

There are theatrical careers like professional directors, actors, designers, and technicians. Our students prepare for these fields through hands-on application of knowledge through the creation of our theatrical productions. Students fill the roles of actors, designers, and technicians on all Teatro Palo Alto shows.

Degrees Offered

Contact Information

Hector Garza
Chair of Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts, Assistant Professor of Drama

Performing Arts Center (PERF 117)



Nicolás Castañon
Assistant Professor of Drama, Lead Drama/Dance Faculty, and Artistic Director of Teatro Palo Alto

Performing Arts Center (PERF 122)



Sergio Gutierrez 
Technical Director

Performing Arts Center (PERF 146)



Edlyn De Oliveira
Instructor of Music - Voice

Performing Arts Center (PERF 165)



Bobby Munoz
Administrative Services Specialist 

Performing Arts Center (PERF 118)


Adjunct Faculty

Brandon H. Rosen
Drama Adjunct Faculty – Lighting Design

Location: Performing Arts Center (PERF 123)

Rachael Lorenzetti
Drama Adjunct Faculty - Costume Design

Location: Performing Arts Center (PERF 123)

Benito Lara Villareal
Drama Adjunct Faculty – Acting

Location: Performing Arts Center (PERF 123)


Bo Pang
Dance Adjunct Faculty – Ballet

Location: Performing Arts Center (PERF 123)