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STEP 1: Apply for Admission

Submit your application for admission at Apply Texas for any one of our colleges: Northeast Lakeview College, Northwest Vista College, Palo Alto College, St. Philip's College, and San Antonio College.

Complete the Apply Texas Application Ready, Set, Apply - Tips for Applying

Please allow 5 days for processing.

STEP 2: Need Help Paying for College

Submit your FREE Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA) at

Visit the Financial Aid page for more information.

Next Steps

STEP 3: Log into ACES

Once you receive your “Next Steps” email you can log in to ACES.

ACES is the online center for all your student information. You will be able to register for classes, review your financial aid, and pay your tuition. Visit to log in.

Find your information on logging in on the ACES page. If you have issues, please contact the helpdesk using the numbers listed on ACES.

STEP 4: Activate AlamoNAVIGATE!

AlamoNAVIGATE: Enrollment Simplified

AlamoNAVIGATE is your personalized event path, displaying specific "To Do's" for your registration. After logging into ACES click the "Start Here" tab to access "AlamoNAVIGATE" and begin following your path to enrollment.

Download the Navigate App: iTunes Google Play


AlamoNAVIGATE is not available to Dual Credit, Early College High School, or Alamo Academies students.

STEP 5: Submit Transcripts and Documents

Before you are able to register for classes at one of the colleges of the Alamo Colleges District, we require your official transcripts.

Former Students returning to a college in the Alamo Colleges District will need to submit an official transcript from the last college or university attended.

Transcripts must be unopened and sealed in their original envelope to be accepted for admissions.

STEP 6: Submit Proof of Bacterial Meningitis

All students age 22 and younger must submit proof of the Bacterial Meningitis vaccination.

To submit documentation visit AlamoNAVIGATE and select “Turn in Shot Record”.

STEP 7: Complete Go FAARR & Test Prep Modules

Learn more about your rights and responsibilities with Go FAARR.
In AlamoNAVIGATE select “Complete Go FAARR Module”.


Get ready for your TSI Placement test with Test Prep.

In AlamoNAVIGATE select “Complete Test Prep”.

STEP 8: Take Your Placement Test & Refreshers (if required)

Take your TSI Placement Test to determine your placement into College-Level Math and Writing.

To schedule your TSI, visit AlamoNAVIGATE and select the event path “Take your Placement Test” Refresher courses may be required, depending on your test scores.

STEP 9: Sign up for Orientation

Celebrate your transition to college! Learn more about your college programs and services at New Student Orientation (NSO).

Log in to AlamoNAVIGATE and select “Sign up for Orientation” for more information about NSO at your college.

STEP 10: Meet With an Advisor before Registering

Log in to AlamoNAVIGATE and select “Meet with an advisor before registering” for advising information at your college.

STEP 11: Pay Tuition

Pay your tuition and avoid being dropped from your classes.

Visit AlamoNAVIGATE and select “Pay your bill” for information on available payment options.

STEP 12: Smart Start

Start Smart! Attend Class!

Attending and become an active learner in class will benefit your grades and advance your goals. Your first day and first week of classes provide you with the tools to succeed for the rest of the semester.

Not attending the first day of class may result in you being dropped from the course.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Northeast Lakeview College

Welcome Center - Student Commons Bldg. 300
Phone: 210-486-5401, Option 4

Northwest Vista College

Cypress Campus Center (CCC) #126
Phone: 210-486-4125

Palo Alto College

Welcome Advising Center - Palomino Center Bldg. 103
Phone: 210-486-3100

St. Philip's College

CLR 109 Monday - Thursday; 8:00 - 5:00 pm
Welcome Center - 1st Floor Reception/KIOSK
Phone: 210-486-2275

Southwest Campus: Building 1 #B172 (Career and Transfer)
Phone: 210-486-7281

 San Antonio College

Moody Learning Center - Student Mega Lab 5th Floor
Phone: 210-486-0160

Moody Learning Center - Student Learning Assistance Center (SLAC) 7th Floor
Phone: 210-486-0165


IT Help Desk

Help Desk is the central point of contact for all technology needs. Contact us by phone, email or visit.

Contact Us

District Helpdesk Information

Phone: 210-485-0555 Option 4
Out of Town Students: 866-493-3947 (toll free)
Email: helpdesk

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.
Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Sunday 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.

Caller Checklist

When calling, please have the following information readily available

  • Last four digits of SSN
  • Date of Birth
  • Banner ID


College Helpdesks


San Antonio College Helpdesk

St. Philip's College Helpdesk

Palo Alto College Helpdesk


Northwest Vista College Helpdesk

Northeast Lakeview College