Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Program Type: Face-to-Face, Fully Online
Program Level: Degrees, Online, Certificates
Department: Career and Technical
Institute: Advanced Manufacturing & Logistics
College: PAC

What is the logistics program?

Logistics is the movement of supplies, material, and people from one place to another to satisfy a corporate and consumer requirement. It includes inventory management, quality control, purchasing, operations management, and much more. All businesses rely on logistics professionals to keep their inventory moving.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management is one of the 50 fastest growing career fields, according to the U.S. News and World Report. With Palo Alto College's 60-hour degree plan and three certificates, you could be on your way to one of the most rewarding and stable careers in the world. 


Logistics Highlights

The program covers the foundational areas of logistics and supply chain and develops students' ability to think critically and solve real-world problems. Students learn negotiation tactics and receive exposure to supply chain analytics, both desirable skills for employers.

Program features:

  • Case Studies
  • Industry-leading software
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Part-Time Job Opportunities
  • Competitive Events
  • Social Responsibility Activities
  • Transfer Agreement with Wayland Baptist University – Transfer 60 hours plus an additional 12 hours earned at Palo Alto College toward a Bachelor of Applied Science in Logistics and Supply Chain.

In 2022 Palo Alto College’s Logistics and Supply Chain Management was recognized as the 3rd ranked program in the nation by Intelligent.com with a totally online associate degree program.

Logistics Careers & Employment

Transportation – Traffic or Freight Manager, Dispatch Supervisor, or Load Planners, Rail Operations & Planning Specialist Route Managers
Warehousing/Distribution – Supervisor Warehouse Combo, Inventory Specialist, Warehouse Supervisor, Dock Coordinator, Materials Manager
Manufacturing – Production Manager, Operations Supervisor or Logistics Engineer, Operations Manager, Quality Assurance Technician
Purchasing – Buyer Expediter, Customer Service Supervisor, Entry-Level Buyer


Why get a degree in Logistics?

Jobs are available at every educational level, and a degree or certificate can often make a difference in securing that next great opportunity. Individuals with a college degree can earn over $60,000 per year, and Senior-level logistics managers can earn over $700,000 per year.



Advisory Committee Members

Erica Borrego, San Antonio Food Bank  
Nicholas Wingerter, Truck Safety #1
Paul Easley, Southwest Research
Lisa Andrade Gonima, Del Rey Express 
Ric Coons, Health Trust
Joe Wright, Continental Corporation 
Johnny Bartelle, University Health Science Center 
Diana Corteras, Dollar General
Andrea Alfaro, NuStar Energy
Cynthia Johnson, Wal-Mart Distribution Center
Maria D. Garcia, CPS Energy
Chester Teel, US Department of the Air Force
Roxana Vargas, C.H. Robinson


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Contact Information

Joseph Coppola
Department Chair

Sabine Hall 208



Ronnie Brannon
Academic Program Lead

Sabine Hall 201




Elena Garza
Administrative Services Specialist

Veterinary Technology (VT 100)


Christina Barrera
Certified Student Advisor

Counseling Center, Room 200