Real Estate Management

Program Type: Fully Online
Program Level: Degrees, Certificates, Online
Department: Business and Entrepreneurship
Institute: Business & Entrepreneurship
College: SAC
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What is the Real Estate Management program?

This program will academically assist to qualify persons for licensure in real estate sales or brokerage and to provide a broad background of knowledge of the real estate business. It will also provide benefits to such persons in the following fields: Sales, Appraisal, Finance, Property Management, Corporate, and Government real estate agencies.

What will I learn?

Some courses include: Principles of Real Estate, Property Management, Real Estate Appraisal, Real Investment, and Real Estate Finance.

What can I do with this course of study?

Sponsoring broker for sales, leasing, and property management.

Provides a broad background of knowledge of the real estate business.
Degrees and Certificates

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Texas Real Estate Commission

Requirements for becoming a Real Estate Sales Agent can be viewed on the website.

View the Requirements 


Credit for Prior Learning

The Texas Real Estate Commission requires that an applicant pass six 30-hour courses as well as the state real estate licensing exam in order to receive a Real Estate Sales Agent License in the state of Texas. The six classes required by TREC are the same ones (RELE 1406, RELE 1200, RELE 1311, RELE 1319, RELE 2301) offered in our Level 1 Certificate of Real Estate and Associate of Applied Arts and Sciences degree at San Antonio College. Once an applicant has been approved by TREC to take the state licensing exam and passes the exam, they will receive their Texas Real Estate Sales Agent License. Having a current sales agent license (or broker license) shows that the applicant has passed the six courses and has the knowledge, skills, and competence to now be called a sales agent. The SLO’s for our Level 1 Certificate of Real Estate and Associate of Applied Arts and Sciences Real Estate Management degree courses match the required competencies tested on the Texas Real Estate Licensing Exam; therefore, a student who has a current Texas Real Estate Sales Agent License (or Broker License) has met the requirements to receive Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) for the six classes in our Level 1 certificate program and the Associate of Applied Arts and Sciences degree. This process is subject to accreditation.

This document approves awarding of credit for the individual courses based on the previously awarded license/certificate; it does not ensure that credit conferred in this manner will be applied to the credit required for an award. No more than 75% of the credit hours for any award (certificate or degree) may be earned from any type of credit for prior learning.

Awarded for Prior Learning:

  • RELE 1311 – Real Estate Law of Contracts
  • RELE 1406 – Real Estate Principles
  • RELE 2301 – Law of Agency

1 of the following:

  • RELE 1303 – Rel Estate Appraisal
  • RELE 1307 – Real Estate Investments
  • RELE 1309 – Real Estate Law
  • RELE 1315 – Property Management
  • RELE 1321 – Real Estate Marketing
  • RELE 2331 – Real Estate Brokerage

Needed to establish residency at San Antonio College:

  • RELE 1200 – Contract Forms and Addenda
  • RELE 1319 – Real Estate Finance

Contact Us

Melissa Weathersby, Ed. D., MBA, TREC Licensed Broker
Program Coordinator
Oppenheimer Center 349
(210) 486-1407