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Proceso de Admisión, Admii, Admisión 


Important Dates

Important Dates Fall 2020


Last Day to Register


 Fall 16 Week

 (Standard   Semester)


 Fall Flex I


 Fall Start   Two

 Fall Flex II

Last Day to Register & Withdraw with 100% Refund Online

 August 16, 2020   (Noon)

 August 16,   2020   (Noon)

 August 30,   2020 (Noon)

 October 11,   2020 (Noon)

Last Day to Withdraw with 100% Refund In Person

 August 21, 2020

 August 21,   2020

 September 4,   2020

 October 16,   2020


Classes Begin

  Fall 16 Week Fall Flex I Fall Start II Fall Flex II

Classes Begin

 August 24,   2020

 August 24,   2020

 September 8,   2020

 October 19,   2020


For more important dates click HERE!

Semester and Term Dates and Lengths

Students can apply at any time throughout the year.

We offer the following terms:

Fall Terms

Spring Terms

Summer Terms

Fall 16 Week: Aug.-Dec.

Spring 16 week: Jan. – May.

Maymester (3 week): May

Fall Flex 1 (8 week): Aug.-Oct.

Spring Flex 1 (8 week) Jan.-May.

Summer 1 (5 week): June-July

Fall Flex 2 (8 week): Oct.-Dec.

Spring Flex 2 (8 week): Mar.-May

Summer 2 (5 week): July-Aug.



Summer (8 week): June-Aug.

How Do I Reach an Advisor?
  1. To speak you first need to go through all the enrollment steps listed on the checklist below!
  2. Once those steps are complete, you will be able to meet with an advisor who will register you for your courses.
  3. If you have not completed all of the enrollment steps, the advisor will not be able to help you.

Advisors are grouped into "institutes" which are comprised of multiple majors. For instance, the health and biosciences institute includes all medical majors. To reach out to advisor, please see the link below. 

Please Click Here!

TSI Exam

What is the TSI?

The TSI is a placement exam that Alamo Colleges use to measure your skill level in math and english. This test allows us to place you in courses at your skill level.

Am I exempt from the TSI?

The are several cases in which a student my be exempt from taking the TSI including scoring high enough on the SAT or ACT, or have taken a math or english course and passed.

For a complete list of exemption cases, please CLICK HERE.

For more information regarding TSI and exemptions, please contact the assessment office at:  sac-assessment@alamo.edu

What scores do I need to pass the TSI?

  • Math: 350
  • Reading: 351
  • Writing: 340
  • Essay: 4+

How do I take the TSI?

The TSI is currently being offered virtually, though students will need a computer with a camera to take the test. To sign up or for more information, click the link below.

Click Here!

For Parents

Due to FERPA regulations, Enrollment Coaches and Specilists cannot give parents information on their child's enrollment process, course schedule, grades, or financial aid status.

We understand that this can be troubling, especially when you, the parent, may be funding your child's eduction. Even so, federal regulations and guidelines must be met by our institution.

If your child is willing, they may waive their FERPA writes allowing us to speak to and release their information to you. This waiver must be signed and turned in by your child. Find the link to the waiver below.

Click Here!


Enrollment Checklist

Download the checklist here: SACRemoteChecklist.pdf


We're here to help!

If you are needing further assistance enrolling or have questions regarding holds, please contact an Enrollment Coach or Specialist through the following means:


Visit San Antonio College

Tours of San Antonio College are currently post-poned due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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Helpful Resources

Below are some helpful resources you may need as you complete your enrollment steps.

Pay For Classes

Special Annoucement Regarding Fall Payment Plans:

Students can now enroll in a payment plan for a $1 fee and a $20 down payment until July 14.  As time goes on, the down payment will increase. For $21, students will secure all their courses through fall. 

What is a payment plan?

  • Payment plans allow students to pay tuition in installments
  • Your tuition will be divided up into FIVE payments for the Fall 2020 semester if you sign up by July 14th. Don't wait for the deadline, set up your payment plan today!

When is my first payment due?

  • Your first payment is determined by the date of registration.
  • It only takes $21.00 to secure your classes if you sign up by July 14th. Set up your plan today!
  • If you wait until the payment deadline of July 19th, you will pay $21.00 + your second payment of 15%.

How do I set up a Payment Plan?

  • Log into ACES, Student Tab, Web Services
  • Student, Student Account, Make a Payment
  • Virtual Business Office
  • Enroll in a Payment Plan, Select Plan, Select Term
  • Continue, Display Schedule
    • Set Up Auto Payment- Select YES or NO
    • Continue, Select Payment Method, Agree to Terms
    • Print Agreement, Continue to Finalize

General Information:

Students who do not pay for their classes on time will be dropped from courses!

Students who are paying out of pocket will have the option to either pay their tuition in full up front or divide their balance into installments. There is a $25 setup fee for installment plans.

Students paying with a credit or debit card, or an electronic check, will pay online through their ACES account.

How to Pay Tuition Online:

  1. Login to the ACES portal https://alamoaces.alamo.edu/
  2. Select Student.
  3. Select Web Services.
  4. Select Student and Financial Aid.
  5. Select Student Account.
  6. Select Account Summary to review your account balance.
  7. To make a payment, select Make a Payment.

Business Office Information:

Visit the Business Office's website to learn more about:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Payment plans
  • How to pay your tuition

Visit the Business Office website

Financial Aid

All students are encouraged to apply for financial aid by submitting the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Visit the Financial Aid Office's website to learn more about:

  • Submitting a FAFSA
  • Processing time line and process
  • Financial aid refunds
  • Different types of aid
  • Financial aid resources


Visit the Financial Aid website

Military Resources

Visit the Military and Veterans Resources page to learn more about:

  • Tuition Assistance
  • Veterans Benefits
  • MyCAA

 Veterans Benefits Application Process

Visit the Military Resources Page

Disability Services

Eligible students may receive special accommodations in the classroom and for their placement testing.

Accommodations may include:

  • Use of a recording device
  • A volunteer note-taker
  • A reader or scribe
  • And more


Visit the Access Office website

SAC Bookstore

After you've registered for your classes, you'll need to get your textbooks. SAC's bookstore is conveniently available online and offers students the options to purchase textbooks in brand new or used condition, rent textbooks, or purchase digital versions.

To determine which textbooks you need, visit the Bookstore's website, click on "Books," and enter your Student ID number. You'll be given a list of each book you need for every class you have registered for, all in one convenient location.


Visit the SAC Bookstore by Clicking Here!