Residency Verification

Students declaring Texas residency for tuition purposes must submit "Acceptable Residency Documentation" indicating the establishment of a domicile and continuous Texas residency of one year prior to the initial registration date in a Texas college or university. 

All colleges of the Alamo Colleges District are responsible for reviewing all Residency forms after registration for errors, inconsistencies or misclassification of Residency status. If an error is detected, the student will be notified by email. Students owing additional tuition as a result of originally providing false information will have 30 days to pay in full.

Out-of-district Tuition

Out-of-district tuition may be waived for Texas residents owning property in Bexar County. Documents must be presented each semester to receive a waiver. If residency is based on a parent or legal guardian, a notarized support statement must be submitted.

Out-of-state Tuition

Out-of-state tuition may be waived if the individual is located in Texas as an employee of a business or organization that established itself in Texas as part of the state's economic development and diversification program. Students must submit a current letter of employment and a letter of intent each semester to qualify for a waiver.



We’re Here to Help

If you need further assistance or have questions regarding residency holds, please contact the Office
of Student Recordsthrough the following means:

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