Alamo Colleges Foundation Scholarship Application for Fall 2024/ Spring 2025

  • The deadline is May 15, 2024
  • Scholarship Application and other information can be found at:
  • The Foundation holds two deadlines every academic year.
    • In order for students to be considered for any of the Alamo Colleges Foundation scholarships, they must apply prior to set deadlines.  
  •  Only one application is considered for the entire Fall and Spring academic year.
    • Students can be considered for various scholarships from that one application.
    • Students must reapply each year to be considered for next academic year scholarships.
  •  The Alamo Colleges Foundation has various scholarships and some are financial need based.
    • To help us determine if you are eligible for these scholarships: Applicants are strongly encouraged to complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible so eligibility can be determined in a timely manner.
    • FAFSA application:

Quick Tips and Info:

  • Tip:  Invest time in composing your essay. (If needed, save your application to work on your essay.)
  • Tip:  Type your essay in MS Word in order to run spell check and word count. (When ready, you can cut and paste.)  
  • Tip:  Consult with the SAC Writing Center (click link)  to ensure your essay is perfect!  
  • Please complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)(click link) 
  • For complete Alamo Colleges Foundation Scholarship information, click here.

Volunteer opportunities: 

Get involved!  Scholarships always want to see student community involvement

Contact Student Life (click link) for Student Clubs & Organizations info (Loftin Student Center)

Contact Civic Engagement (click link) for Community Service Learning and Volunteerism opportunities such as: reading buddies, mentoring, big brother/big sister, more!  

Other volunteer resources to consider:
United Way
        Volunteer Match -  

Consider workshops!

  • Writing Workshops,  Writing Center - link
  • Empowerment Center/Services for Women & Non-Traditional Students  - link

 SAC students have the opportunity to apply for:

Internal Scholarships  - these are Alamo Colleges District Foundation scholarships which are only available to students attending one of the Alamo Colleges District Colleges. 

Academic Department Scholarships - some SAC academic departments also administer their own scholarship programs and therefore have separate applications.  

Check with the department of your major to learn of scholarships you may be eligible for and to obtain an application. (Click here for a list of some of the awarding departments.)

External Scholarships - these are Non-Alamo Colleges District scholarships which are available to students attending any college.

External scholarships information can be found through local, state, or nationwide searches.    

San Antonio local organizations and community foundations links: S.A. Area FoundationAssistance League of S.A., Rotary Club of S.A.  

State & National scholarship search sites links: SallieMae FundU.S. Dept. of EducationTEXAS.GOV Educational OpportunitiesMinnie Stevens Piper FoundationTEXAS.GOV Aid Alphabetical ListTEXAS.GOV Ways to Afford College

Top rated scholarship website links: Scholarships.comChegg.comFastweb.comScholarshipPoints.comScholarship MonkeyCappex