Program Level: Pre-Majors/Transfer
Department: Natural Sciences
Institute: Science & Technology
College: SAC

What is the Chemistry program?

Chemistry is at the forefront of all human activities ranging from cooking to nursing to rocket science. A basic understanding of chemistry is required for all health and biosciences fields as well as science-related professions in STEM fields and technical careers in the industry. Our program not only addresses these areas but also prepares those students wishing to pursue careers in academia.

What will I learn?

The composition, structure, and properties of matter and the changes it undergoes. Students can experience direct contact with substances that compose our world—elements, compounds, and mixtures—examining and analyzing them both manually and instrumentally. Most of our courses are embedded with hands-on labs which reinforce learning through application.

What can I do with this course of study?

Students may choose to pursue careers as nurses, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians, photographers, firefighters, chemists, biologists, geologists, engineers, and physicists.


Last updated 5/19/2021

What's special about this program?

Core classes transfer to most four-year universities. The ChemSpot is a tutoring and learning center staffed by faculty and student tutors providing on-demand help with math and chemistry topics.

...experience direct contact with substances that compose our world
Degrees and Certificates

Natural Sciences Department Administration

The Natural Sciences Department consists of two administrative positions: 

·       The Department Chair manages the department and collaborates with the college to ensure that the department is functioning to meet the college’s needs. 

·       The Program Coordinator assists the Department Chair with managing the program based on the standards and regulations of the accrediting body.

 The Natural Sciences department administrators are:

David Wood, Ph.D. David Wood, Ph.D.
Interim Chair / Natural Sciences Department Department Coordinator / Chemistry, Astronomy, Geology and Geography
CG 204 CG 204
(210) 486-0063 (210) 486-0063


 Staff Contact Information

Debbie Dye Vacant Valarie Villarreal
Academic Unit Assistant Chemistry Lab Tech Chemistry Lab Tech
CAC 345 CG 213 CG 213
(210) 486-0840 / (210) 486-0045 (210) 486-0048 (210) 486-0048

 Faculty Contact Information

 Full-Time Faculty
Jennifer Caraway
CG 103
(210) 486-0049

Saumil Christian
CG 103
(210) 486-0841

Jeremy Motley
CG 107
(210) 486-0057
Jianxia Zhang
CG 117
(210) 486-0826


 Adjunct Faculty

Hadi Arman
CG 209

Andrew Fielding
CG 209
Freddie Polk
CG 209
Gerardo Ramirez
CG 209


 Contact Us

David Wood, Ph.D. Debbie Dye
Department Coordinator / Chemistry, Astronomy, Geology and Geography Academic Unit Assistant
CG 204 CAC 345

(210) 486-0063

(210) 486-0840 / (210) 486-0045

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