FSM Expectations

What to Expect as A Faculty Student Mentor

Choosing to be a Faculty Student Mentor requires a few manageable things from the mentor. Some of those things are listed below. In addition many informational sessions, trainings and special events are scheduled to help build the mentor’s knowledge and to collaborate with one other mentors.  

Expectation of faculty with student:

  • Faculty assigned up to 20 students  (at 1 hour estimate on emails and 30 minute session anticipate 30 hours over term)  [Faculty may volunteer for more than 20 students.]
  • Introduction by email and phone call within 2 weeks of receipt of student names inviting to meet  (if no response, a follow up within a week)
  • One 30 minute session during the faculty member’s office hours in the fall semester
  • Create understanding that the student can reach out to the faculty member whenever they need to
  • Any follow-up agreed to by faculty/student
  • Email or phone call close to end of term as follow up Faculty should refer the student to the advisor or other appropriate resource for specific information or actions that they cannot perform.  Resources are available on the Faculty Student Mentor Program webpages and more information will be made available to faculty/student mentors.