Upcoming Trainings

Faculty Student Mentoring Program Events Calendar

During the semester there will be several events to help equip the Faculty Student Mentor with more information to better mento our SAC students. We will be hosting several trainings, lunch & Learn events along with a few special events. There will be multiple opportunities to get hands-on experience to become familiar with or learn more about the systems that are in place to help the Faculty Student Mentor have better knowledge and usage of those systems. Below you will find the calendar of upcoming events.


Lunch & Learn Series Topics

Friday's 12-1pm

Causal informational forums where mentors come together to discuss and understand topics that are relevant to the faculty mentor. 

Join Us To Explore:  Mentoring International Students:   Discussion the guidelines and needs of international students. 


Join Us To Explore:  Mentoring Veteran Students:   Discussion about the guidelines and needs of Veteran Students. 


Join Us To Explore:  Mentoring Students Dealing with Food and Housing Insecurities:   Discussion about the resources available on our campus and in the community.


Join Us To Explore:  How to Communicate Marketable Skills in Arts &  Sciences:  Discussion about how to show students and translate their marketable skills competency in these two areas.