Parking and Traffic Appeals Procedure

Parking and Traffic Appeals Procedure

Parking Violation Notices (campus citations) may be appealed within ten (10) working/school days from the date of the citation by filing a  "Citation Appeal Form" with the SPC/SWC Campus Parking and Traffic Appeals Committee. The appeal must be submitted on a Campus Citation Appeal form and sent by email to: Campus Citation Appeals Procedures Campus Citation Appeal Form

Allow ten (10) business days for appeal processing. If notification of appeal disposition is not received by the 10th business day, it is the appealer’s responsibility to contact the St. Philip’s College Parking and Traffic Appeals Committee (210-486-2178) to inquire on the status of the appealed citation.

Each campus within the Alamo Colleges shall be responsible for implementing and maintaining a Parking and Traffic Appeals Committee to afford Due Process for any person receiving a Parking Violation Notice (campus citation), which procedure shall be in printed form and be made available to all Employees and Students at their campus.


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