Substantive Changes

SACSCOC Substantive Change Policy

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) Policy Statement defines a substantive change as a “significant modification or expansion of the nature and scope of an accredited institution, to include” but not limited to:

  1. Substantially changing the established mission or objectives of an institution or its programs.
  2. Adding a program that is a significant departure from the existing programs, or method of delivery, from those offered when the institution was last evaluated.
  3. Adding a new off-campus instructional site/additional location including a branch campus.
  4. Closing an institution, a program, a method of delivery, an off-campus instructional site, or a program at an off-campus instructional site.

There are requirements for addressing different types of changes, including:

  • Some changes, such as offering courses that amount to less than 25% of the coursework needed to complete a degree, certificate or diploma, do not need to be reported to the Commission.
  • Others, such as offering (for the first time) 25% to 49% of the coursework required for a program, simply require that the Commission be notified in advance of the implementation of the change. 
  • Larger scale changes, such as adding significantly different programs to the academic curriculum, may require written notification as well as advance approval of a prospectus.

Additional information on substantive changes can be located on the SACSCOC website. In addition, answers to frequently asked questions can be accessed at Substantive Changes FAQs.

SACSCOC Substantive Change Procedural Links

Please access the links below for timelines and procedures for each type of change.

If the change requires the submission of a prospectus, please access the prospectus documents below for procedures in submitting a prospectus.

Prospectus Resources

Submit all questions and concerns to the Accreditation Liaison, IVPCS George Johnson, III.

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