Brand Standards

NLC Logo and Usage Guide

Northeast Lakeview College uses its logo to effectively promote the College and create awareness of the institution through brand recognition. The Northeast Lakeview College logo is to be used on all publicly viewed publications. Below are the logo options for your use. Please review the NLC Graphic Standards prior to using these logos. 

NLC Logos


Northeast Lakeview College Logo Standards

Proper color usage
  1. The logo can be used in full-color, black and white, and in white on a colored background 
  2. When matching the full-color logos, use the following Pantone colors: Blue PMS = 285; Green PMS = 368 
  3. Blue (R=0; G= 114; B= 207); (C= 100; M= 50; Y= 0; K= 0)
  4. Green (R= 102; G= 188; B= 41); (C= 60; M= 0; Y= 100; K= 0)
Maintain the proportions of the logo
  1. Position and size of each element of the Logo are in proportion regardless of the size of the logo. 
  2. When resizing the logo, maintain a consistent axis (x/y axis and/or height & width should be the same) (i.e, 35% by 35% ) 
  3.  The logo should NOT looked stretched in any way 
Maintain readability of the logo
  1. The logo should not be used any smaller than 1.25 inches in width"
  2. Always maintain the shape of the logo; do not tilt or slant the logo
Before you download the logos below, please read the following usage guide.

Contact the NLC Public Relations Office to obtain a digital file of the college logo or with any branding questions.