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President's Welcome Message

Dr. Veronica Garcia

Welcome to Northeast Lakeview College! It is a privilege to serve as president and to work alongside our dedicated faculty and staff to improve the lives of our students through opportunity and excellence both inside and outside the classroom.

At Northeast Lakeview College, we are guided by a culture of care where every student’s success is our highest priority. In our classrooms, you will find the academic rigor that challenges you to think critically and learn freely. Outside of the classroom, we offer a variety of support services like tutoring and career counseling, as well as numerous on-campus engagement opportunities, including club sports, honor societies, and student organizations.

Our mission, vision, and core values center on preparing you for a bright future. Whether you are here for personal enrichment, seeking to transfer, or pursuing a degree or career pathway, we are committed to linking classroom learning to real-world careers. Our goal is to equip you with the skills and knowledge to move your life forward.

We also take pride in our role as a community-engaged institution. We value the relationships and partnerships we have built with our local community, enhancing student success through these vital connections.

Northeast Lakeview College welcomes you to share your very best with us. On behalf of the administration, faculty, and staff, I want to thank you for choosing our college as part of your educational journey. Together, we will contribute to the ultimate success of our institution, our students, and our community.

Welcome to Northeast Lakeview College. Let’s make your time here extraordinary!

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Contact Information

Dr. Veronica Garcia, President
Library, NLIB 316

Northeast Lakeview College
1201 Kitty Hawk Rd.
Universal City, TX 78148


Portrait of Dr. Tangila Dove, Vice President of College Services

Dr. Tangila Dove
Vice President for Student Success 

Dr. Laura E. Boyer
Vice President for Academic Success


Vice President of College Services

photo of Tammy Perez presenting to new students

Dr. Tammy Perez
Dean for Academic Success

William Fanning
Dean for Academic Success

Julie Kirkland-Poirier
Dean for Student Success


Dr. Jennifer Rigsby
Dean for Academic Success


Georgia Flores
Dean for Student Success


Vision, Values, And Belief Statement
Vision: To be a transformative force in a culturally rich community, empowered by education, to meet the dynamic demands of the future.

Students First

Respect for All



Can-Do Spirit


Belief Statements:
  1. We are inspired by changing lives through learning
  2. We develop our students by empowering them to be successful in their educational journey
  3. An NLC education is the greatest pathway to social equality and economic mobility for our community