The Ceremonial Academic Mace

The ceremonial academic mace appeared in 1385 at the University of Vienna and represented the synthesis of two much older staff-like devices of similar length and shape. These were the regal scepter and the medieval battle mace. Kings throughout history have carried scepters as insignia of the lawful authority of just rulers. The battle mace was first used by medieval princes as an effective hand weapon in combat.

In the fourteenth century, the royal scepter and the battle mace were combined to produce the ceremonial academic mace. It was carried before royalty, mayors of cities, and chief officers of the medieval universities.

In modern times, the mace is used on ceremonial occasions in the life of institutions of higher education. In commencement exercises, the mace specifically indicates the authority of the institution's president to award degrees. The mace immediately precedes the presidential party in the ceremonial procession.

The mace of Northeast Lakeview College was designed to represent the college culture through its values as well as mark the history and development that made NLC what it is today.

The mace stands 44.75" and is crafted out of black walnut with a natural oil finish. It has two die-cast custom caps, each with its own ornamental design. One side is embellished with the college logo surrounded by the six college values. The second cap is home to the college seal with the clock tower in the center that symbolizes strength and loyalty by providing a continuous representation of time.

Below the caps are four brass crowns, representing the three locations the college-educated students before residing at its permanent location on Kitty Hawk. The crowns were chosen in brass, which has traditionally represented loyalty and service in the military, to stand for NLC employees' integrity and respect for each other and for the ultimate goal of student success.

The mace is an institutional symbol of strength and authority. Its design was carefully crafted by college faculty and staff to represent service to students and excellence in learning, teaching, and leadership.

The Mace & Medallion Committee presented the Northeast Lakeview College mace to Dr. Reno, founding Northeast Lakeview College president, and college leadership representatives, including the President of the Faculty Senate and the President of the Staff Council on January 10, 2012.