Student Equipment Checkout

Current Northweast Lakeview College students who are registered for Summer 2020 or Fall 2020 courses may qualify for for loaner laptops and/or hotspots.

Eligibility Requirements for Loaner Internet Hotspots or Laptops:

  1. Must be enrolled in Summer or Fall 2020 courses at Northeast lakeview College and have an Active Student College ID or a State Photo ID.
  2. For Hot Spot loans, Student must attest that you do not currently have high-speed Internet connectivity at your home.
  3. Equipment is being loaned on a term-by-term basis and must be returned at the end of term, unless enrolled for Fall 2020.

Laptop and/or Internet Hotspot Request Process:

  1. Please fill out the following form and wait to receive notification from Information Technology. An appointment will be set up for technology pick up.
  2. A form will be sent to the student's school email account. A digital signature will be required. If unable to provide a digital signature a physical form will be provided during pick up.
  3. Equipment will be distributed at the NLC Campus (by the flag pole circle) using contactless delivery.