Institutional Research, Planning, Effectiveness

 Mission Statement

The mission of IRPE is to serve as a reliable and valid data resource and as an academic research consultant to the college and community. The primary goal is to provide timely and methodical research services and official data that can be used to prepare organizational reports, monitor programs, evaluate departmental progress, facilitate effective decision making, and assist in measuring overall institutional effectiveness. IRPE will aid faculty, staff, and related entities to meet common objectives in order to advance Northeast Lakeview College in its institutional goals. IRPE will support District IR to coordinate data preparation and submission for state and federal accountability directives.

IRPE Services
  • Survey research design
  • Custom and ad-hoc studies
  • Standard and miscellaneous reports and requests
  • Research consultation
  • Survey research training
  • Planning methods and evaluation
  • Federal, State, and Local agency reporting