Past Sumaries

August 2016
Members of the Friends of Nighthawks held their Summer 2016 meeting on August 3. Dr. Cleary, interim president, provided the group with college updates and highlights. Specifically, Dr. Cleary informed the group of the college’s candidacy status that was granted by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) in June 2016 and he discussed how candidacy status will positively impact the community and the students that the institution serves. Additionally, Dr. Cleary updated the members on the college’s upcoming ten-year milestone. Activities and celebrations for employees, students, and the community are being planned and will be hosted throughout 2017. Members of the group engaged in dialogue about getting community partners involved in these events and other college activities.  

 March 2016
At the March 23 meeting, members of the Friends of Nighthawks met with Dr. Cleary, Interim President and the college administrative team. Dr. Cleary highlighted accomplishments from 2015 and discussed future plans for the institution. He provided a recap on the institution’s accreditation journey, to include the February 2016 SACSCOC candidacy site visit. The group also discussed their future goals and focus some of which included a recap of soft skills that NLC graduates should achieve for gainful employment in the community, as well as the discussion on future academic programs at NLC.  


October 2015
Members from the Friends of Nighthawks (FON) President’s Advisory Council met on October 28 and were hosted by the City of Cibolo. This month, the group learned more about the demographics and economic profile of Cibolo, TX, one of the nine metrocom cities NLC serves. Additionally, Dr. Wes Adams, assistant chair in the Kinesiology department, provided members an overview of the college’s Wellness Facility and its amenities.

A community wellness survey was being distributed to the group to learn more about how NLC can meet the needs in health, fitness, and wellness in the areas in which the college serves.

July 2015

 Hosted by Universal City, the meeting began with a high level overview of the Universal City demographics to include population, households, ethnicity, income, educational attainment, labor force, current college enrollment of UC students attending Northeast Lakeview College, possible future Northeast Lakeview College attendees and socio-economic data. Additionally, employers in attendance were asked to provide feedback on the soft skills that need to be developed to increase the value of NLC students in the workforce and discuss the specific soft skill(s) that their business or industry needs to see in college graduates. 

April 22, 2015

The Friends of Nighthawks held its April meeting on the 22. The group comes together monthly to strategize on how to promote awareness of community colleges, specifically Northeast Lakeview College, and to advance the mission of the institution. Over the last few months, the meetings have focused on information gathering and assessing the community perception of community colleges and NLC.
The group will now begin focusing on scholarships and increasing the use of campus resources and facilities.

February 25, 2015

Friends of Nighthawks, the NLC President’s Advisory Council, held its 3rd meeting on February 25. At this meeting, members were given an in-depth presentation on NLC’s history, student demographics, and the communities in which the college serves. Members of the committee will now survey their local constituents and garner feedback regarding the current perceptions of community colleges, the awareness of NLC, and aspirations for their local institution of higher education.

January 2015
At the January 28 meeting, members of the Friends of Nighthawks decided that Kim Turner from the City of Universal City would serve as the inaugural Chair of the group. College updates and highlights were shared, along with upcoming campus activities and events. Members also discussed the importance of two-way communication between Northeast Lakeview College and the communities that the college serves. The group discussed the meeting schedule for 2015 and began a preliminary dialogue on the group’s overall objectives for the year.

December 2014
The Friends of Nighthawks held its inaugural meeting on December 3, 2014. The group gathered for the first time and learned more about each other and the organization or city that each represented. The Friends of Nighthawks Advisory Group was formed as a result of the Community Listening Sessions hosted in Summer and Fall 2014. At this first meeting, members of the group were provided with a summary of these Community Listening Sessions to include salient points and key takeaways. The group concluded the meeting with a brief discussion on next steps and requested that an overview on the college to include student demographic information and a history of the institution be shared at an upcoming meeting.