Ryan Curry-Neitch

Curry-Neitch, Ryan
Department: Health and Biosciences

About Ryan Curry-Neitch

Where is your hometown?

San Antonio, TX

  • What is your educational background? 

I started college classes at Northeast Lakeview College and transferred to Texas State university in San Marcos, Texas. I earned a Bachelor’s of General Studies with minors in Sociology, Psychology and Business Administration.

  • Why did you decide to pursue a career in higher education?

I pursued a career in higher education because of the rewarding feeling I get when students are successful and want to counite going because of the unwavering support we provide. With my experience with working with youth and education in sociology it gave me the unique perspective and outlook on how education intersects with so many aspects of life. I wanted to be on the front line of preparing students for the various landscapes across life and in their education that will benefit them and excel them

  • Tell us a random fact about yourself.

I have a twin sister and we are two minutes apart.