Student Success Division

Definition of Student Success

Student Success is defined using the outcomes of enrollment persistence and completion. As we work to achieve strong student outcomes the Division of Student Success helps students develop skills of leadership, decision making, and self-advocacy in a reciprocal relationship. 


To inspire, empower and educate our community for leadership and success


The Alamo Colleges will be the best in the nation in Student Success and Performance Excellence


Division of Student Success Guiding Principles 

  1. We believe in the potential of all students and accept responsibility to develop resilience and cultivate leaders who contribute to the greater community.
  2. We believe in utilizing a culture of evidence and challenging ourselves through the use of empirical data to target and improve outcomes which impact the lives of our students.
  3. We believe in fostering authentic collaboration through the creation of mutually beneficial partnerships across departments, the division, the College, and the community to strive toward collective impact.
  4. We believe in using an intentional, purposeful, and strategic approach that builds on a culture of innovation to facilitate success for all students. 
  5. We believe in intentionally designing a college experience that ensures equity by meeting students where they are using an asset based framework and developing holistic, personalized pathways to success.


Division of Student Success Strategic Plan

Student Empowerment

The Division of Student Success intentionally provides comprehensive and holistic services that empower students from connection through completion.

Employee Empowerment

The Division of Student Success empowers employees by providing opportunities for continuous growth in personal and professional development that enhances employee satisfaction and engagement.

Maximizing Capacity to Serve

The Division of Student Success enrollment, persistence and completion through institutional programming that targets the needs of our students.

Community Empowerment

The Division of Student success drives innovation by collaborating across the college and connecting community organizations to build a culture of excellence. 


Student Learning Outcome and Service Area Outcome Report