Procedures Manual

The numbering sequence of procedures in each functional area reflects the order they were added to the manual and does not denote a conceptual relationship of one procedure to the next.

See Alamo Colleges District Board Policies D.1.1 Compliance with Policies and ProceduresExcerpt from Board Policy D.1.1: “To the extent that any practices, procedures, handbooks, or similar statements of rules or policies conflict with the policies and procedures in this manual [Alamo Colleges District Board Policies], the policies and procedures in this manual shall control.” 


Section F: Facilities

F 1.0    (Not assigned) (PDF)

F 2.0    Requests for Technical Services (PDF)

F 3.0    Hazardous Chemicals & Materials Safety (PDF)

Attachment A: PAC Chemical Hygiene Plan (PDF)

Attachment B: PAC Hazard Communication Program (PDF)

Attachment C: Workplace Chemical List Form (PDF)

F 3.1    Hazardous Waste Disposal (PDF)

F 4.0    On-Campus Internal Room Reservation & Event Requests (PDF)

Attachment A: Office of the President – Speaking Request Form (PDF)

F 5.0    Use of PAC Facilities by External Organizations (PDF)

Attachment A: Aquatic and Athletic Pre-Contract Information (PDF)

Attachment B: Facilities Rental Fee Exception Approval Form (PDF)

Attachment C: Sample Certificate of Insurance (PDF)

F 6.0    Campus Facilities Services (PDF)

F 7.0    Technology Lending and Return (PDF)

Attachment A: Inventory Control - Loaned Property Request Form (PDF)

Attachment B: ITS Equipment Loan Agreement (PDF)

Attachment C: On-Campus Use Equipment Check‐Out Form (PDF)

F 8.0    Technology Purchasing (PDF)

Attachment A: PCard Modification Form (PDF)

F 9.0    Facilities Work Control (PDF)

F 10.0  Campus Moving and Relocation Services (PDF)

F 11.0  Door Key Issue & Control (PDF)

Attachment A: Access Control Request Form (PDF)

Attachment B: Key Request Form (PDF)

F 12.0  Technology Standards – Hardware/Software (PDF)

F 13.0  Spaces Committee (PDF)

Attachment A: Space Request Form (PDF)

Attachment B: Cash and In-Kind Gifts Donation Form (PDF)

F 14.0  Palo Alto College Community Cat Program (PDF)

Section I: Instruction

I 1.0     Course Syllabi (PDF)

Attachment A: Alamo Colleges eCatalog 

Attachment B: sSyllabus Training and User Guide V1.0 (PDF)

Attachment C: eSyllabus Department Guide (PDF)

Attachment D: eSyllabus Instructor Guide (PDF)

I 2.0     Establishing New Associates of Applied Science Degrees and/or Certificate Programs (PDF)

Attachment A: Curriculum Coordination Process Flow Chart (PDF)

Attachment B: Course Revision Form (PDF)

Attachment C: Curriculum Coordination Cover Sheet (PDF)

Attachment D: Executive Summary (PDF)

Attachment E: Existing Course Form (PDF)

Attachment F: New AAS Degree Plan Form (PDF)

Attachment G: New Course Form (PDF)

Attachment H: Program Development Pre-Application Checklist (PDF)

I 3.0     Occupational & Technical Education Advisory Groups (PDF)

Attachment A: GIPWE Guidelines (PDF) 

Attachment B: Sample Meeting Minutes (PDF)

Attachment C: Advisory Committee Diversity Survey Form (PDF)

Attachment D: Facilities and Equipment Signoff (PDF)

Attachment E: Budget Signoff (PDF)

Attachment F: Program Satisfaction Signoff (PDF)

Attachment G: Need for Program Signoff

I 4.0     High Risk Course Evaluation (PDF)

I 5.0     General Guidelines for Textbook Adoption (PDF)

I 6.0     Awarding and Recording of C.E.U.s (PDF)

I 7.0     Tech Prep Education Program (PDF)

I 8.0     Instructional Contracts with Outside Agencies (PDF)

Attachment A: Educational Service Agreement (PDF)

Attachment B: Affiliation Agreement (for clinical services) (PDF)

I 9.0     Evaluation of C.C.E. Programs (PDF)

I 10.0   Faculty Promotion (PDF)

Attachment A: Promotion Checklist (2010-2011)  (PDF)

Attachment B: Promotion Application Schedule (2010-2011) (PDF)

Attachment C: Promotion Table of Contents (2010-2011) (PDF)

I 11.0   Tenure (PDF)

Attachment A: Tenure Checklist (2010-2011) (PDF)

Attachment B: Tenure Application Schedule (2010-2011) (PDF)

Attachment C: Tenure Table of Contents (2010-2011) (PDF)

I 12.0   Faculty Performance Evaluation (PDF)

Attachment A: Annual Report: Self-Evaluation (PDF)

Attachment B: Faculty Observation for Counselors & Librarians (PDF)

Attachment C: Faculty Evaluation by Chairperson (PDF)

Attachment D: Classroom Observation (PDF)

Attachment E: Faculty Course Approval Form (PDF)

Attachment F: Office Hours (PDF)

Attachment G: Peer Review (PDF)

Attachment H: Summary Evaluation for Temporary Faculty (PDF)

I 13.0   Substitute Credit for Occupational Technical Programs (PDF)

I 14.0   Low-Enrollment Class Justification (PDF)

I 15.0   Faculty Hiring Procedures (PDF)

I 16.0   Library Faculty Assignments (PDF)

I 17.0   Virtual College of Texas Revenue Distribution (PDF)

I 18.0   Awarding Academic Credit from Continuing Education Units to Advance and Applied Technology Courses (PDF)

Attachment A: Course Conversion Crosswalk Form (PDF)

Attachment B: Sample Crosswalk with Appropriate Signature Lines (PDF)

Attachment C: Sample Course Substitution Form (PDF)

I 19.0   Faculty Assignments (PDF)

I 20.0   Department Chairperson Position (PDF)

I 21.0   Online Certification (PDF)

I 22.0   Faculty Emeritus (PDF)

Section S: Student Success

S 1.0    (Not assigned) 

S 2.0    Scholastic Standards & Academic Progress (PDF)

S 3.0    Requirements for Awarding Incomplete Grades (PDF)

S 4.0    College Admissions (PDF)

S 5.0    Registration for Non-Credit Courses (PDF)

S 6.0    Recruitment Process: Coordination & Documentation of Community-based Activities (PDF)

S 7.1    Assessment & Placement Testing (PDF)

S 7.2    Distance Education & Make-Up Exam Testing (PDF)

S 7.3    College Credit Obtained by Advanced Placement (AP) (PDF)

S 7.4    College Credit Obtained by College Level Examination Program (CLEP) (PDF)

S 7.5    College Credit Obtained through the International Baccalaureate (IB) Degree Program  (PDF) 

S 8.1    Financial Aid: How to Apply (PDF)

S 8.2    Financial Aid Appeals (PDF)

Attachment A: Financial Aid Appeal Form - Academic Progress (PDF)

Attachment B: Financial Aid Appeal Form - Over 99 Hours (PDF)

S 9.0    Academic Withdrawals (PDF)

S 10.0  Graduation Application (PDF)

Attachment A: Opt Out Letter (PDF)

Attachment B: Graduation Application for Non-Enrolled/Inactive Students (PDF)

Attachment C: Graduation Application for Enrolled/Active Students (PDF)

S 11.0  Honors & Scholarship Ceremony (PDF)

S 12.1  Student Success Management (PDF)

S 12.2  Veteran’s Affairs (PDF)

S 12.3  Emergency Aid Loan Procedure (PDF)

Attachment A: Emergency Aid Accounts (PDF)

Attachment B: Emergency Aid Overview (PDF)

Attachment C: Alamo Colleges Campus Based Emergency Aid Programs Process Flow (PDF)

Attachment D: Cost of Attendance Adjustment Form (PDF)

Attachment E: Memo Regarding Emergency Grant Taxability and Form 1098T from Legal Counsel (PDF)

 S 12.4  Emergency Aid Grant Procedure (PDF)

Attachment A: Emergency Aid Accounts (PDF)

Attachment A: Emergency Aid Accounts (PDF)

Attachment B: Emergency Aid Overview (PDF)

Attachment C: Alamo Colleges Campus Based Emergency Aid Programs Process Flow (PDF)

Attachment D: Cost of Attendance Adjustment Form (PDF)

Attachment E: Memo Regarding Emergency Grant Taxability and Form 1098T from Legal Counsel (PDF)

S 12.5  Advising: Group Advisement (PDF)

S 13.0  Academic Standing, Probation & Dismissal (PDF)

S 14.0  Early Alert Program (PDF)

S 15.1  Vehicle Driving Procedure (PDF)

S 15.2  Student Travel (PDF)

Attachment A: Student Services Fee Request for Funding (PDF)

Attachment B: Student Travel (Non-overnight) (PDF)

Attachment C: Student Travel (Overnight) (PDF)

S 15.3  Adjunct Faculty Counselor Assignments (PDF)

S 15.4  Faculty Counselor Assignments (PDF)

S 16.1  DSS—Requests for ADA Accommodations (PDF)

Attachment A: Request for Services (PDF)

Attachment B: Release of Information (PDF)

Attachment C: New Student File Checklist (PDF)

Attachment D: Intake Evaluation Form (PDF)

Attachment E: Letter of Accommodation (PDF)

S 16.2  DSS—Faculty Response to ADA Accommodations (PDF)

S 17.0  Student Government Association Elections (PDF)

Attachment A: SGA Constitution (PDF)

S 18.0  Student Activity Fee: Request for Funding (PDF)

Attachment A: Student Services Fee Application (PDF)

Attachment B: Vendor Application (PDF)

Attachment C: Student Waiver of Liability (PDF) 

Attachment D: Emergency Information Form (PDF) 

Attachment E: Student Travel Authorization Form (PDF)

Attachment F: Student Event Form (PDF)

Attachment G: Travel Authorization Form (PDF)

Attachment H: Travel Expense Statement (PDF)

Attachment I: Student Per Diem Acknowledgment Form (PDF)

Attachment J: Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate (PDF)

S 19.0  Approved Student Organizations and Designations

S 20.0  International Students (PDF)

S 21.0  Student Course Overload (PDF)

Attachment A: Student Overload Application (PDF)

S 22.0  Federal TRIO Programs Student Support Services (PDF)

S 23.0  Gateway to College Application & Eligibility (PDF)

S 24.0  TRIO Upward Bound Application & Eligibility (PDF)

S 25.1  New Student Intake: New Student Orientation (PDF)

S 25.2  New Student Intake: College Connection (PDF)

S 26.0  Request for Student Financial Aid College Work-Study Employee Slots (PDF)

Attachment A: Request for Financial Aid College Work-study Employee Slots (PDF)

S 27.0  Student Academic Grievance (PDF)

Attachment A: Student Academic Grievance Form (PDF)

S 28.0  Student Non-Academic Grievance (PDF)

Attachment A: Student Non-Academic Grievance Form (PDF)

S 29.0  Assigning PACfest Fundraising Items (PDF)

S 30.0  Campus Tours (PDF)

S 31.0  (Not assigned)

S 32.1  Dual Credit Process and Procedures (PDF)

S 32.2  Dual Credit Articulation Agreements (PDF)

Attachment A: Dual Credit Articulation Agreement (PDF)

S 32.3  Dual Credit Memorandum of Understanding (PDF)

S 32.4  Dual Credit Census Rosters (PDF)

S 32.5  Dual Credit: Adding a School (PDF)

S 33.0  Ray Ellison Family Center Enrollment (PDF)