Program Level: Degrees, Pre-Majors/Transfer
Department: Fine & Performing Arts/Speech Communication
Institute: Creative & Communication Arts
College: PAC

What is the music program?

The Music program provides students with a focused study in musical foundations such as music theory, ear-training and sight singing, class piano, music literature, private instrumental, and vocal instruction. We focus on the appreciation and performance of instrumental and vocal music, and we offer specific courses that fulfill the first two years of a four-year course of study leading to a bachelor's degree in music and music preparation.

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Music Program Highlights

The Music program offers students the opportunity to study, take courses, and perform in our state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center, which includes: a 400-seat theatre; black box theatre; recital hall; rehearsal hall; recording studio; piano lab; computer lab; private practice rooms with Boston upright pianos in each; and smart classrooms.

Ensembles are open to all PAC students, not just music majors. We have Choir, Jazz Band, Wind band (Marching Mariachis), Mariachi, Drumline, and a Color Guard.

Music Career Highlights and Employment Positions

Students earning a degree in Music can pursue careers as a professional musician, music educator, composer, arranger, and music producer. 

Music courses offered:
MUEN 1122 - Jazz Ensemble
MUEN 1132 - Instrumental Chamber Ensemble
MUEN 1141 - Concert Choir
MUAP 1159 - Percussion
MUAP 1215 - Electric Bass
MUAP 1217 - Flute
MUAP 1233 - Saxophone
MUAP 1237 - Trumpet / Cornet
MUAP 1241 - French Horn
MUAP 1245 - Trombone
MUAP 1257 - Percussion
MUAP 1269 - Piano
MUAP 1281 - Voice
MUAP 2215 - Electric Bass
MUAP 2217 - Flute
MUAP 2233 - Saxophone
MUAP 2237 - Trumpet / Cornet
MUAP 2241 - French Horn
MUAP 2245 - Trombone
MUAP 2257 - Percussion
MUAP 2269 - Piano
MUAP 2281 - Voice
MUSI 0002 - Mariachi Marching band
MUSI 1116 - Elementary Ear Training and Sight Singing I
MUSI 1117 - Elementary Ear Training and Sight Singing II
MUSI 1181 - Piano Class I
MUSI 1182 - Piano Class II
MUSI 1183 - Voice Class I
MUSI 1192 - Guitar Class I
MUSI 1306 - Music Appreciation
MUSI 1307 - Music Literature
MUSI 1311 - Music Theory I
MUSI 1312 - Music Theory II
MUSI 2116 - Adv. Elementary Ear Training and Sight Singing I
MUSI 2117 - Adv. Elementary Ear Training and Sight Singing II
MUSI 2181 - Piano Class III
MUSI 2182 - Piano Class IV
MUSI 2311 - Music Theory III
MUSI 2312 - Music Theory IV


Contact Information

Dr. Rosalinda Ortiz
Chair of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts

Performing Arts Center (PERF 117)



Dr. Armin Marmolejo
Associate Professor of Music/Lead Faculty

Performing Arts Center (PERF 164)



Edlyn De Oliveira
Instructor of Music

Performing Arts Center (PERF 165)


Bobby Munoz
Administrative Services Specialist 

Performing Arts Center (PERF 118)