College & Grants Development

The primary function of the Department of College and Grants Development is to apply for external funding to develop projects in support of the mission of the college. Department staff collaborates with SAC faculty and staff seeking new opportunities for their students and the college.

Ways in which we can help you and your department:

If you have an idea, and just want to explore the possibility of funding, feel free to talk to us about it. If we are aware of your interests, we can keep our eyes open for funding opportunities specifically for you, or may already have some leads. We can also discuss how you may go about developing your idea, or refer you to people who might share your interest.

We regularly receive announcements of upcoming program solicitations, requests for proposals (RFPs) and general information from federal, state and private sources. Opportunities of particular interest will be posted on this page. Specific programs will be forwarded to individuals who would most likely be appropriate recipients of funding. I can also do research on funding sources for particular projects.

An important part of our job is helping to write grant proposals. In this capacity, we can help you as much (or as little) as you want/need, helping you understand the specific requirements for a funding source, and making sure your proposal meets the agency's specifications. If you want to write the proposal yourself, we will be happy to proofread for you. We can also help edit/polish your drafts. When our grant writing schedules permit-, we may also be able to do the bulk of the grant writing.

There is much that needs to be done in the course of submitting a grant proposal. Of primary concern is making sure the appropriate people on campus know a proposal is being prepared -- department chairs, supervisors, deans, other administrators, etc. If there are particular accommodations your project requires of the college (facilities, release time, administrative support, matching funds, etc.), you must to secure these before your grant leaves campus. I can assist you in guiding your proposal through the established campus procedures, to make sure your proposal satisfies the appropriate administrative requirements.

We also offer training to faculty and staff who wish to learn how to write grants. We have produced a small booklet which gives some of the basics: How To Write A Grant.

For a list of grants funded at San Antonio College click here