IT Security

Every member of San Antonio College community has a responsibility to use good computing habits to protect San Antonio College’s computers, network and information.  Office of Technology Services (OTS) advises the college on how to ensure integrity, confidentiality and availability of vital information technology resources and information.


Desktop Security


Phishing & Email Hoaxes

File Sharing & Copywriting


Password Protection


Physical Device Security


Virus Protection


Wireless Security

Data Backup Strategy 

OTS recommends that all computer users regularly back up their data in order to prevent information loss in the case of a disk failure or a natural disaster.  We recommend at the very least backing up files that are frequently charged.  Select link to view some strategies that can help you avoid losing any of the data stored on your personal computer.

Tips to Improve Security of your Computer and Data

  • Never share your user password with others.
  • Our College or other entitites will never request your username, password or other personal information by email.  Please do not respond to emails requesting personal information.
  • Secure your computer equipment including laptops, media tablets, smart phones in a safe environment.
  • Use secure network connection wherever possible when accessing data.  Secure connection prevents unwanted viewing of your electronic communication.

Report an Incident

Please complete the IT Security Form to describe the security incident.  Important: If the incident poses any immediate danger, please call 911 to contact law enforcement authorities immediately.  The types of incidents you report include: 

  • Unauthorized exposure of private personal information (which may lead to identity theft or misrepresentation)
  • Computer break-ins and other unauthorized use of San Antonio College systems or data
  • Unauthorized changes to computer or software
  • Equipment theft or loss
  • Interference with the intended use of information technology resources