Challenger Learning Center

Onsite Programs

Challenger Learning Center Missions immerse students in grades 4-12 into the roles of scientists, engineers and astronauts engaging in our state-of-the-art simulated learning environment. Each 90-minute mission experience is aligns to the state’s TEKS and reinforces the importance of  21st century skills with teamwork, communications and problem solving components within each scenario.  Challenger missions are reserved well in advance by school and community groups. Partnering ISD’s have a period of prioritized registration through September before the calendar is opened to other groups.   A single mission costs $500/class of 20-36 students. 

Teachers bringing a group to either a Mission or Micronauts are required to attend a Pre-Mission Training before their program. 

Any of our simulated missions can also be customized for groups, parties and corporate team building events. Please submit forms to


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Contact us if you have any questions or need more information on how to register your class/group.

** Teacher training - for Challenger missions

Contact Mariana Zoll at to explore new training dates leading up to the summer of 2024.

  • The Martian explorers will investigate the geology of Mars and the technology that will get us there.

  • A challenging mission that takes the crew to the moon. The scientists, engineers and astronauts explore the geology of the moon, it’s resources and health, navigation, robotic rovers and safety of the crew.

  • Participants become mission control specialists and astronauts in the ISS as they problem solve and investigate the Earth’s spheres.

Public Missions

Public missions are offered twice a year in February (Valentine's Day) and April (Spring/Fiesta timeframes).

  • Wednesday, February 14, 2024 - Purchase Tickets
  • Saturday, April 20, 2024. 10-11:30 Micronaut Family Mission  Tickets available closer to this event.

Virtual Challenger Missions

Interested in Virtual Missions? The Challenger Learning Center team has developed two virtual missions which may be experienced in a classroom, hybrid or entirely virtual environment. Each mission requires students to be working individually on their internet supported device as a member of a team. Students on each team will work with their colleagues to undertake research and analysis tasks to successfully complete their mission. Each mission is led by a Scobee Commander and runs for approximately 45 to 60 minutes and may support 8 to 24 students depending upon the mission selected.

A $150 fee is charged for each mission. Find out more about our Destination to Mars, Europa Encounter, and Destination Moon by contacting Mariana Zoll at .

  • View Details for Destination Mars

    Students will go on a mission to analyze data and determine which of the Red Planet's moons is the best location for building a research base.

    Designed for grades 4 - 6.

  • View Details for Europa Encounter

    It is the year 2042, and astronauts have traveled from Earth to Jupiter in a space station equipped with a vehicle that will travel to Jupiter’s moon, Europa, to launch a probe into the icy moon.

    Designed for grades 6 - 8.

  • View Details for Destination Moon

    The Mission: A team of researchers is ready to return to the Moon to explore its surface and establish a second habitat for astronauts to live and work!

    Designed for grades 7 - 8.