Councils and Committees

San Antonio College has a number of councils and committees made up of administrator, faculty, staff, and/or student representatitives from across the College.     

Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate advocates for faculty and represents faculty interests to college and community stakeholders.

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Staff Senate

The Staff Senate represents classified and professional staff at San Antonio College. 

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Adjunct Faculty Council

The Adjunct Faculty Council serves as a forum for SAC's adjunct faculty members.  

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Other Committees & Regular Meetings

CET and Directors

CET and Directors is a monthly meeting with all of the members of the College Executive Team (CET) and the leads of the College Offices within the Student Success, Academic Success, and College Services divisions. 

College Executive Team (CET)

The College Executive Team (CET) meets every Tuesday and is comprised of the President of the College, the Vice Presidents, and the Deans. 

Chairs Council

The mission of the District Council of Chairs is to address the common concerns across the district related to department chairs. The primary function of the Council is to represent the concerns of chairs at the college and district level.
In general, the District Council makes recommendations about the following:  

  • Management, including policy and procedures for more efficient and effective operations of departments

  • Curriculum concerns

  • Pro-active management of changes across the district

SAC representatives meet with other district chairs the Second Monday of every month. 

College Council

The SAC College Council has the primary responsibility for reviewing and making decisions concerning policy, procedures, planning, program review, curriculum review, competencies, and resource allocation.

The Council holds regular meetings on the second Tuesday of the month in the Visual Arts Center, Room 120. Meetings are open to the college community.

Chair:  President, Dr. Naydeen González-De Jesús
Phone:  (210) 486-0959

Joint Chairs

Joint Chairs is a closed meeting that takes places weekly and includes the academic deans and the Chairs from each of the College's 12 academic departments. As needed, other members of the college community may be invited or may request to present at the meeting. 

For more information, contact one of the academic deans. 

Strategic Quality Enhancement Committee (SQEC)

Strategic Quality Enhancement Committee (SQEC) is led by the Office of Integrated Planning & Performance Excellence (IPPE) and meets monthly to review the College's Strategic Plan. The commitee reports to the Dean of Performance Excellence. 

Student Services Fee Advisory Committee (SSFAC)

Led by the Office of Student Life, the Student Services Fee Advisory Committee (SSFAC) is composed of nine members, five students and four student alternates appointed by the Student Government Association, and four faculty representatives appointed by the College President. 

The Committee is charged with allocating the Student Activity Fee funds for programming, activities, events, giveaways, recreational sports, intramural activities, and cultural heritage celebrations.

SSFAC also reviews monthly requests for funding from students, student organizations, campus wide committees, and faculty/staff looking to develop an activity specifically for students. Some examples funding requests include: speakers, entertainers, student travel, and more. 

The committee meets on the first Thursday of each month to review requests.

Applications are due on the last Thursday of the month prior to the committee meeting.

Meetings will not be held in January, June, July, or August.

For information about how to submit a request or to get more information, please contact the Office of Student Life. 

Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA is the voice of the students. SGA works to bridge the gap between the student, the faculty and the administrators. SGA represents students in various ways: serving on campus wide committees, sponsoring events that allow students to know what administration offices do, speaking at the Board of Trustees meetings on behalf of students.

Phone: (210) 486-0125 
Location: Loftin Student Center (LSC) 

Student Success Council

The Student Success Council is made up of representatives from the Student Success division. The Council meets monthly on the first Thursday of the month and reports to the Vice President of Student Success.

Technology Advisory Committee (TAC)

The Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) is led by the Office of Tecnnology Services and is comprised of faculty, staff, and students. TAC meetings are held quarterly and address issues related to technology.