Men of Education

Students often have competing priorities that can impact their decision to go to college or their decision to stay. The success of our male students is often influenced by factors at home and in the community. At San Antonio College, we are intentional about the support to fill those gaps and build a foundation for success. This intentionality is called Men of Education.

The mission of Men of Education (MOE) is to help men to thrive in higher education through support services that include job placement, mentoring, academic support, and personal development.

MOE has created a new course just for you!


The MOE course is designed to build on your strengths so you can achieve success in your academic journey. Students in this course will learn about the policies and procedures of the college and how to navigate this system.  You will also have the opportunity to research degrees and careers and become comfortable using college-level resources for your assignments. Through a peer network, academic support, and peer and faculty mentoring, this course will create a strong bond between your cohort, instructor and the college community.

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