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The San Antonio College Men Empowerment Network (SACMEN) serves men of color in pursuit of their academic goals. In the Fall of 2015, our college partnered with the University of Texas at Austin’s Project MALES and received a $5,000 seed grant to provide intentional programming to improve success rates of African-American and Latino males in community colleges. In the Fall of 2017, our college received an additional $75,819 from the Jesse Ball duPont Fund to increase staff and provide training to improve retention, graduation and transfer rates for men of color. All male students of color are invited to be a member of SACMEN, which has helped over 100 male students, engage in the college community. 

SACMEN participants become part of a network of peers and professionals who support their academic growth. Events and activities focus on brotherhood, wellness, relationships, academic skills and professional networking. SACMEN are highly encouraged to participate in mentoring, focus groups, conferences and leadership training offered throughout the academic year. 


The San Antonio College Men Empowerment Network aims to improve educational outcomes for men of color by building relationships, enhancing academic performance and create awareness of issues facing men of color in community college.


SACMEN empowers men of color to explore leadership, career and academic opportunities by programming events for students to engage in lifelong learning, friendships and academic success.

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Last Updated: August 10, 2023