Mini Sessions at SAC

Courses at SAC are available beyond the traditional full-term (16-week), Start Two (14-week), and Flex (8-week) sessions. Now, you can enroll in a mini session in any of the following semesters:

  • Fall: Four-week and five-week sessions
  • Spring: Three-week, four-week, and five-week sessions
  • Summer: Three-week and five-week sessions

This table will give you a general idea of how the schedule flows each semester:


Why Should I Take a Mini Session Course?

These are some of the possible benefits in taking advantage of mini sessions:

  1. By completing a mini session course, at an accelerated pace, you will receive the same credit as a course completed over a full term lasting 16 weeks.
  2. The same high-quality curriculum and instruction are provided. You will be able to focus on fewer classes in the mini sessions giving you time to fully master the material covered.
  3. Just like courses in the full term, all coursework successfully completed in any of the available mini sessions is transferrable to four-year programs and is fully accredited.
  4. You get more options to structure your schedule in a way that is convenient for you. This also means that you will develop your time management skills and learn to be organized from the very first day of class.
  5. This is an opportunity to maximize your financial aid benefits while maintaining a part-time schedule.

By registering for mini sessions each fall, spring, and summer, you are more likely to graduate within the estimated time you mapped out on your degree plan. There is even a chance for you to complete your studies ahead of time. To best prepare for mini sessions, you should review GPS and save an updated Individual Success Plan in your account: