San Antonio College Announces Updated Journalism Program

July 27, 2023

Office of Marketing & Strategic Communications

To meet the needs of changing times, the journalism program at San Antonio College has merged with the radio/television/film department to offer a full range of employable skills that will prepare students for 21st century jobs in journalism and communications.

Students can prepare to transfer to a university for completion of a bachelor’s degree or complete programming in two years or less to qualify for jobs available in the San Antonio and South Texas markets. In addition to traditional journalism classes in writing for media, interviewing, feature writing, editing, layout, and photography, students can also study audio/video skills such as video field production and audio editing. Furthermore, they can take courses to explore specialties in advertising and public relations.

“We are building on the long history of award-winning journalism at SAC by accessing the outstanding faculty, equipment and facilities of the RTF department,” said Jim Dalglish, SAC’s journalism coordinator. “SAC journalism students have the opportunity to investigate news careers in radio, television, print and online newspapers. They can even delve into social media as a news source.”

By learning the basics in writing and editing, then adding skills in photography, videography and audio recording, students can be ready to go to work in a short time, Dalglish said. By producing stories for SAC’s online newspaper, its radio station KSYM, and its television station TVSA, students gain experience and build their portfolios. They can also leverage internships with the many TV and radio stations, print newspapers and online publications in the San Antonio area.

“San Antonio is a great market for journalism. Many of the top journalists in this area are SAC alums. They are very supportive of students coming through the SAC program,” Dalglish said. “There are jobs for students who have basic skills and a great portfolio, but many of our students have transferred to some of the top journalism programs at universities in Texas and throughout the United States. It all depends on how ambitious the student wants to be.”

To get started in the SAC journalism program, students can email Dalglish at for more information. Students are also encouraged to begin the process of admissions and financial aid by contacting the Office of Advising at or calling 210-486-0334.