Eric Anderson Biography

EricAnderson.pngMr. Eric Anderson is the founder and owner of E.R. Anderson and Associates, where he has been inspiring individuals, as a presenter, facilitator, speaker, and consultant, for over 25 years, across the globe.  Eric has presented widely across the U.S. and abroad, including Finland, Singapore, Russia, Viet Nam, Thailand, and throughout Europe. 

Through his professional services, Eric conducts training, workshops, seminars, and offers keynote speaking engagements and personalized performance coaching.  He was named, “One of the Top 50 Speakers, Consultants, and Facilitators in the World,” by International Speakers Association.

His mission statement is “To Bring Out the Best in You” 

Eric was born and raised in Oklahoma and attended Oklahoma State University on a football scholarship.  After college, he moved to San Antonio, where he taught elementary school and high school.